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WISSOTA Late Model Challenge Series Begins Three-Day Montana Run at Electric City Speedway

05 August 2014 | Featured News | |    

Ricky Weiss xWISSOTA Late Model
By Vikki Higginbotham
Thursday, July 31, 2014 was the first stop in the Big Sky for the Blaine Brothers WISSOTA Late Model Challenge Series. Joining them for an evening of racing were the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds.
Zach Olson and Kory Wermling took caution free heats one and two for the Midwest Modifieds. A single caution in the third heat found JJ Johnson firmly planted in the turn four pit entrance tires. Pat Liscum went on to be victorious of that heat. Johnson’s turn of bad luck followed him to the feature event where he once again met with the tires in turns 3 & 4. The championship battle heated up a little bit in the event as well with Wermling and Olson battling lap after lap for the top spot. With a final caution bringing out a green-white-checkered finish, Olson grabbed a back to back victory and gained a few track points in the process.
Twenty drivers lined up the card for the Blaine Brothers WISSOTA Late Models. Representing Wisconsin, Montana, South Dakota and Canada three caution free heats were won by Ricky Weiss, Jeremy Meirhofer and Chad Becker. All twenty drivers started the 40 lap feature event. Kelly Hample jumped to an early lead. Just before the half way point Ricky Weiss and Chad Becker had caught up the Hample. Weiss gained the lead by lap 21 with Becker close behind him. The red flag flew on lap 30 when Becker caught the cushion in turn one and wound up flipping into the back stretch catch fence. In the final laps John Kaanta caught Weiss. Weiss kept his lead to take the victory.
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WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Heat #1 – Zach Olson, Ron Sasek, Jacob Tacke, Cody Kuglin, Jeramy Myers, Dillon Price
Heat #2 – Kory Wermling, Paul Leach, Patrick Harvie, John Price, Jake Tucker, Tim McCune
Heat #3 – Pat Liscum, Josh Olsen, Jim Myre, Jeremy Ivie, JJ Johnson
Feature – Olson, Wermling, Kuglin, Sasek, Harvie, J. Price, Tacke, D. Price, Liscum, Ivie, Olsen, Leach, Myers, Myre, Johnson, McCune, Tucker
WISSOTA Late Model Challenge Series
Heat #1 – Ricky Weiss, David McDonald, Mike Stadel, Paul Leach, Chad Johnson, Mindy McCord, JD Olsen
Heat #2 – Jeremy Meirhofer, Kelly Hample, Dave Smith, Rock Degele, Mark Fowler, Matthew Gerlach-Smith, Curtis Fortowsky
Heat #3 – Chad Becker, John Kaanta, Jake Redetzke, Brad Kerrison, Chris Dunn, Terry Carter
Feature – Weiss, Kaanta, Redetzke, Hample, Smith, Meirhofer, Johnson, McDonald, McCord, Dunn, Stadel, Kerrison, Degele, Becker, Fortowsky, Olsen, Gerlach-Smith, Fowler, Carter, Leach