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Wermling Takes Third Feature in a Row

25 June 2011 | Featured News | |    

By Vikki Higginbotham

Mechanical issues from broken belts, loose hoses, flat tires, an engine, distributor, ignition failure, suspension parts, and multiple transmission failures had many drivers headed to the pits early on Saturday night. With seven of eight total heats going caution free, Tommy Bush in his Modified brought out the first caution in the final heat as he got sideways down the front stretch.  As he was attempting to avoid a collision, Tony Steward went low on the track but was unable to get clear before Bush came down the track and hit him on the right side. 

During the Not So Pure Stock feature fifteen-year-old Kory Wermling worked his way up from a seventh starting position to claim his third consecutive victory this season.  Wermling now has four total victories this year.  Matt O’Connell attempted to start the event after his second place heat finish, but a bad transmission had O’Connell headed to the pits just after the green flag flew.  Bill Handel returning to the track after 25 years of not racing brought home a solid fourth place finish.

The Midwest Modifieds are still off to a rocky start as new drivers are trying to get the feel of their cars.  Beau Brown had to watch from the pits as he lost another transmission during his heat.  Sean McBee worked his way up from a fifteenth place starting position and multiple wrecks to a second place finish.  Paul Leach crossed the checkers ahead of the rest for a second week in a row.

Beau Brown and Nick Hunter were at it yet again in the Street Stock feature.  Paul Lease was with them for a bit but a miscalculation had him spinning into the infield pit area.  As Lease was off the racing surface, he had to wait for a caution to rejoin the race.  Brown and Hunter continually swapped the lead as the laps wound down.  With two to go they were only separated by a foot, but Brown was just a little stronger this past week and managed to get the advantage when the white flag flew.  Hunter had to settle for second this week.

The Modifieds got off to a rocky start as two cautions flew before the first lap was completed.  Mark Wermling went out with distributor issues.  Joey Price and Vernon Hill kept fans on their feet as a great battle ensued for the victory.  Lap after lap Price would get inside Hill, but just didn’t have enough to clear him.  Vernon claimed his first victory in the Modified class for the season.

The speedway will not have a Saturday show this week due to the Fourth of July celebrations on Monday night.  Racing will start at 6:00 p.m. with the Not So Pure Stock, Street Stock, Midwest Modified, Super Stock, Modified, and ground pounding Late Models.  The best place in Great Falls, Montana to view the fireworks as the show will be interrupted when the city fires off their spectacular show.  Racing will resume following the display.



Midwest Modified

Heat #1 – Dan Steber, Kelly Blixt, Alan Adams, Jacob Tacke, Mike Pistelak, Zach Olson, Jerry Sangrey Jr., Sean McBee

Heat #2 – Ron Sasek, Paul Leach, Chris Hill, Jeramy Myers, Joey Ray, Jonathan Scarber, Chuck Bowley, Beau Brown (DNF)

Feature – Leach, McBee, Adams, Myers, Hill, Scarber, Bowley, Tacke, Sasek (DNF), Steber (DNF), Blixt (DNF), Sangrey Jr. (DNF), Olson (DNF), Pistelak (DNF), Ray (DNF), Brown (DNS)



Heat #1 – Mark Wermling, Chad Johnson, Maurice Myre, Paul Leach, David Azure, Jerry Baertsch, Dana Lerum

Heat #2 – Vernon Hill, Gary Hill, Pat Wallace, Joey Price, Tommy Bush, Tony Steward (DNF), Justin Mann (DNF), Paul Donnelly (DNF)

Feature – V. Hill, Price, G. Hill, Leach, Donnelly, Myre, Azure, Steward, Wallace, Lerum, Bush, Baerstch, Johnson (DNF), Wermling (DNF), Mann (DNS)

Street Stock

Heat #1 – Beau Brown, Nick Hunter, Ron Mattern, Warren Samoy, Troy Weninger, Bryant Kruckenberg

Heat #2 – Paul Lease, Marvin Gonzales, Jeff Sekuterski, Gordo Oppelt, Mark Mann, Michael Price (DNF)

Feature – Brown, Hunter, Gonzales, Weninger, Sekuterski, Mann, Lease, Mattern (DNF), Oppelt (DNF), Kruckenberg (DNF), Price (DNF), Samoy (DNS)


Not So Pure Stock

Heat #1 – JJ Johnson, Matt O’Connell, Carl Sangrey, Edward Freeman, Rick White, Jeremy Ivie

Heat #2 – Kory Wermling, Cody Ryan, Brian Chaon, Patrick Harvie, Casey Durand, Shannon Cote, William Handel (DNF)

Feature – Wermling, Ryan, Harvie, Handel, Durand, Cote, Sangrey (DNF), White, Johnson (DNF), Freeman (DNF), Ivie (DNF), Chaon (DNF), O’Connell (DNF)