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Turn Two Treacherous for Drivers Saturday at Electric City Speedway

14 May 2011 | Featured News | |    

By Vikki Higginbotham

Sunny skies and high winds greeted racers and fans Saturday at Electric City Speedway.  Mother Nature decided to throw a twist to the wind and in what is typically a headwind on the front stretch drivers had the wind at their backs.  Promoters dropped a little extra water to help keep moisture in the track longer due to the wind as well. 

A slow to fast lineup set the field as the Not So Pure Stocks started the evening on a very sloppy track.  Though they fought the track more than their fellow competitors their heat races were caution free.  During the feature event the cautions were in turn two.  First was a spin by Matt O’Connell and Stephan Foley with O’Connell going to the back for the restart.  On the restart, leader Kory Wermling went in the turn a little too deep and spun.  Cody Kuglin and Robert Feller made contact with Wermling.  Wermling and Kuglin were out for the event.  Feller was able to continue.  JJ Johnson battled with Brian Chaon’s smoking race car for the lead for a large part of the first half and was leading at the halfway point.  Chaon’s mechanical issue appeared to be the transmission giving out on him and he pulled off the track before the end of the race.  All drivers left in the race with the exception of Matt O’Connell were thirsty for their first win this season and they had a very clean battle.  However, some drivers spun but keep their cars going and kept the race going.  Thirstiest of all was Cody Ryan, who the previous weekend finished 3rd Friday and 2nd on Saturday, started in the last position.  Battling his way to the lead Ryan claimed his first victory this season.

The WISSOTA Street Stocks had a little excitement during their heats but it was not race related.  With caution free races the show was moving along at a fast pace and driver Beau Brown of Deer Lodge was still trying to get to the track.  Brown works some Saturday’s and has to make the trip up as soon as he gets off at five o’clock.  Battling head winds he pulled in as the first of two heats was ready to take the track.  Crew members for the other three Deer Lodge Street racers crossed to the upper pit to assist Brown in unloading the car and belting in so he could join the other three drivers in the next heat race.  First heat went 8 laps caution free.  The Deer Lodge Street Gang took the first four finishing positions of six available.  During the feature Ron Mattern spun in turn two and was the only caution of the race.  Leading most of the race, Marvin Gonzales held of the Deer Lodge guys for his first victory this season. 

The WISSOTA Super Stocks were the first class to bring out a caution in their heat races.  During heat two, Pacer Popham and Alex Wermling both have individual issues with turn two.  Josh Aho brought out the first of many cautions in the feature.  After a caution for a bad restart, Alex Wermling, Mike Pistelak, Aho, and Troy Hyde were credited with the remaining cautions.  Drivers were given the yellow and black flags warning them that the next caution would cause a disqualification.  Casey Steffenson took the lead. Pacer Popham was making a valiant attempt but Steffenson managed to get his first win of the season in as well.

During the first WISSOTA Modified heat race Dave Azure pulled off the track with motor issues.  Joey Price, driving his dad’s car Miss Dixie, caused the caution in the second heat.  Pat Wallace hit the wall pretty hard but was able to pull his car off the track without caution.  With Azure and Wallace out for the night, a field of eleven took the green.  A caution for debris came out in the early laps.  Vernon Hill, Chad McFadden and Tony Steward were all victims of spins in turn two.  Vernon Hill pulled off the track as the laps were winding down for mechanical problems.  Gary Hill took the lead before halfway and captured his first victory of 2011. 

After only 2 ½ hours racing in Great Falls, Montana came to close for another week.  Next scheduled even is the CAN/AM Challenge with Sprints, Late Models, Not So Pure Stocks and Midwest Modifieds on Friday, May 20th and Sprints, Late Models, Not So Pure Stocks & Street Stocks on Saturday, May 21st.


Not So Pure Stocks:

Heat 1:  Robert Feller, Stephan Foley, Jeremy Ivie, Shannon Cote, Brian Chaon

Heat 2:  Kory Wermling, Cody Kuglin, Matt O’Connell, JJ Johnson, Cody Ryan

Feature:  Ryan, Johnson, Foley, Feller, O’Connell, Cote, Ivie(DNF), Chaon (DNF), Kuglin (DNF), Wermling (DNF)

WISSOTA Street Stocks:

Heat 1:  Warren Samoy, Marvin Gonzales, Ron Harvie, Ron Mattern, Kyle Jarvey, Bryant Kruckenberg

Heat 2:  Kenneth Hunter, Beau Brown, Paul Lease, Nick Hunter, Troy Weninger, Michael Price

Feature:  Gonzales, Brown, Lease, N. Hunter, K. Hunter, Samoy, Mattern, Price, Kruckenberg, Harvie, Jarvey, Weninger (DNS)

WISSOTA Super Stocks:

Heat 1:  Troy Hyde, Casey Steffenson, Pat LaMere, Josh Aho, Dolan Sevalstad, Dorn Jeske

Heat 2:  Mike Pistelak, Sharid Lee, Pacer Popham, Jake Tucker, Alex Wermling

Feature:  Steffenson, Popham, Lee, Pistelak, Hyde, Tucker, LaMere, Sevalstad, Jeske, Wermling, Aho (DNF)

WISSOTA Modifieds:

Heat 1: Gary Hill, Chad Johnson, Paul Donnelly, Chad McFadden, Jerry Baerstch, Dave Azure (DNF)

Heat 2:  Jody Kropp, Vernon Hill, Paul Leach, Maurice Myre, Joey Price, Tony Steward, Pat Wallace (DNF)

Feature:  G. Hill, Donnelly, Johnson, Kropp, Leach, McFadden, Price, Myre, Steward, Baertsch, V. Hill (DNF), Azure (DNS), Wallace (DNS)