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The WISSOTA Late Models Return to the Electric City

09 June 2014 | Featured News | |    

ECS - Late Model - Kelly Hample z
By Vikki Higginbotham
June 6, 2014 – Friday night excitement at the speedway was in full force when the WISSOTA Late Models joined the WISSOTA Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds and IMCA Modifieds for a night of fast racing.
The single heat of the WISSOTA Street Stocks was captured by Troy Weninger. With eight laps complete in the Feature event Brice Miesmer spins in turn four and has to pit with a right rear flat tire. Ron Mattern was the leader at the restart. After a brief battle Weninger made his way around Mattern and started gaining ground. With a half a straight away lead over Mattern, Weninger swept up his evening with a victory.
John Lighthizer took the heat win in the WISSOTA Late Models. Chris Dunn came out strong in the feature with Kelly Hample chasing him through the first half. Hample overtook Dunn near the midway point and there was no turning back from there. Hample grabbed the first Late Model Feature victory at the speedway for the season.
The competition is heating up in the IMCA Modified class as drivers are starting to dial in their cars after making changes over the winter season to a new sanctioning organization. Joey Price took the heat race. In the feature Mark Wermling grabbed the early lead. Stewart Hayward worked his way around Wermling in the early laps. A caution on lap six caused by John Price sent David Azure to the pits. Hayward was the leader on the restart but lost the lead to Wermling shortly after the green flag flew. Just past the halfway point Gary Hill caught up to Wermling and a multi-lap close battle had the two side by side for the most part. With six laps to go Hill succeeded in his run on Wermling and took the lead. When the checkered flag flew Hill grabbed his third feature victory of the season.
Kory Wermling, Cody Kuglin and Zach Olson claimed heat victories in the WISSOTA Midwest Modified class. The Feature held some excitement though. Kody Harvie spun in turn four on the first lap causing drivers to check up and a complete restart with Harvie headed to the back of the pack. After the completion of lap one the field was still pretty tight and stacked up at the entrance to turn one. Many drivers were unable to rejoin the event. Wermling was sent to the back for the restart. Harvie spun a second time with four laps complete and was sent to the pits for causing his second restart. With thirteen laps complete John Price spins bringing out the final caution of the event. Wermling worked his way back up through the field and was battling for the lead with Zach Olson in the final laps. As the two dueled for position lap after lap the intensity grew. With very few laps left the two came together in turn three and Wermling lost the right front tire. Wermling had to settle for a ninth place finish while Olson went on to claim his first victory of 2014.
Upcoming Events: Friday, June 13, 2014 “A Tribute to Dads” night with the WISSOTA Street Stocks, Super Stocks, Midwest Modifieds and IMCA Modifieds.
The ASCS Frontier Region Sprint Shootout returns on June 20th and June 21st.
WISSOTA Street Stocks
Heat – Troy Weninger, Taylor Falkenhagen, Kyle Jarvey, Frank Pearson, Ron Mattern, Brice Miesmer, Bill Handel, Kelan Kropp
Feature – Weninger, Mattern, Falkenhagen, Handel, Pearson, Jarvey, Kropp, Miesmer

WISSOTA Midwest Modified
Heat #1 – Kory Wermling, Jake Tucker, Joey Price, Jeremy Olds, Bob Price, Joey Tinker
Heat #2 – Cody Kuglin, JD Olsen, Kody Harvie, Tommy Bush, JJ Johnson, Marvin Gonzales
Heat #3 – Zach Olson, Ron Sasek, Jeramy Myers, John Price, Jerry Sangrey Jr., Michael Shure
Feature – Olson, Sangrey Jr., Gonzales, Sasek, Joey Price, Tinker, Olds, Johnson, Wermling, John Price, B. Price, Harvie, Olsen, Myers, Tucker, Bush, Shure, Kuglin
IMCA Modifieds
Heat – Joey Price, Stewart Hayward, Mark Wermling, Gary Hill, Jody Kropp, John Price, David Azure, Marty Harvie, Patrick Wallace
Feature – Hill, Wermling, Kropp, Hayward, Joey Price, John Price, Wallace, Azure, Harvie
WISSOTA Late Models
Heat – John Lighthizer, Chris Dunn, Kelly Hample, JD Olsen, Mike Tom, Bradley Kerrison, Mark Steven Fowler
Feature – Hample, Dunn, Tom, Olsen, Kerrison, Fowler, Lighthizer