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The 9k of Kory Wermling Takes Victory #9

27 August 2011 | Featured News | |    

By Vikki Higginbotham

After a spin in his heat that had him finishing sixth, Kory Wermling claims his ninth victory in the Not So Pure Stock class at Electric City Speedway.  Bill Handel appeared to have the victory wrapped up as he lead 23 of 25 laps Saturday night.  As Handel was coming up on slower traffic, Wermling saw an opening and drove his way to the lead.  With the season winding down, Ryan is 8 points ahead of Wermling and 15 points ahead of other young gun Patrick Harvie. 

With the WISSOTA Super Stocks taking to the track Mark Rieker of Billings claimed the first caution free heat.  While leading the second heat Rich Wermling suddenly slowed and had to pull off the track leaving the path clear for John Lighthizer to take the checkers ahead of the rest. 

The caution free heats did not carry on to the feature event.  On the first lap Mark Rieker and Casey Steffenson get together causing Casey to spin in turn three.  Rich Wermling had to be pushed into the pits under this caution.  With zero laps in the books there was a complete restart.  Turn four was treacherous on the restart for John Lighthizer, Clay Irwin and Pacer Popham as they got caught up in a pile-up that started when Mike Pistelak got a little too sideways in front of the field through the middle of the corner.  Dolan Sevalstad was behind Pistelak when he went sideways and was unable to check up in time.  Suffering damage Sevalstad was able to continue for a few laps but unable to finish.  Irwin and Popham were both taken to the pits with severe damage to their cars.  Lighthizer had front bumper damage and ran most of the race but didn’t finish as well.  After Jake Tucker spun in turn four the 25 lap feature was shortened to 20 laps.  Rowdy Gillen was the final Super Stock victim of turn four.  Gillen was a little too sideways in the entry to the corner and hit the infield tires just before the exit of the corner.  It was a drivers from Billings night as Ryan Fasching, Mark Rieker, and Justin Rieker filled the top three positions in the end.  Pacer Popham leads the points race with a 32 point advantage over Pat LaMere.  Mike Pistelak is 53 points behind Popham in third.

When the WISSOTA Street Stocks take to the track Marvin Gonzales is victorious in the first heat.  In a preview to the feature second heat Dwayne Fowler, Beau Brown and Paul Lease had a very tight battle with Fowler finishing ahead of Brown and Lease.  The feature had Ron Mattern going around in turns three and four.  Marvin Gonzales had to pit for a right front flat and was able to get back into the race before they went back to green.  Caution was called on Tom Miesmer.  Ron Weber spins in turn three a little later on as well.  The final caution came ½ a lap after Mattern spins in turns one and two collecting Miesmer and Lease.  They were able to continue on but both drivers lost control in turn three.  Dwayne Fowler led most of the race with Beau Brown following.  As Fowler came up on the slower car of Michael Price, Brown managed to get around him.  Paul Lease was hot on the trail as well.  Brown’s impressive pass allowed him to gain another victory this season. 

A margin of 35 points separates the top four drivers in the Street Stocks.  Beau Brown is the current leader.  Lease is down 12 points followed by Nick Hunter and Marvin Gonzales.  Hunter and Gonzales have a points battle of their own for third with only four points separating them.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds are growing as nineteen drivers arrived ready to run.  Sean McBee dominated the first of three heats.  However, Dan Steber’s heat was cut short due to a left front flat had him into the pits.  After getting into Jim Myre, Steber had the field stacking up behind him and Jeramy Myers and Joey Price had to spin to avoid the incident.  On the restart Jake Tacke got into Myre and turned him up into Steber.  Marty Harvie dominated his heat and Ron Sasek rounded out the third and final heat with a win.

 Kelly Blixt lost control on the start of the feature collecting Sean McBee, Tim McCune and Jonathan Scarber.  After the restart Scarber slows up on the back stretch and finally comes to a stop in the middle of turns three and four.  Sean McBee and Ron Sasek got together on the front stretch and McBee was unable to continue.  A caution flew for Jim Myre as he came to a stop trying to find an opening to the infield pit area.  The final caution flew for Joey Ray who spun in turn one.  Drivers were given the yellow and black warning; meaning the next caution would have whoever caused it headed to the pit for the remainder of the race.  Though Chris Hill had a strong showing he spun in turn four and pulled off the track avoiding sending the race into a caution situation.  Marty Harvie had a few drivers knocking at his door, but didn’t let it stop him from claiming his second victory in the class.  Sean McBee sits 39 points ahead of Ron Sasek for the points lead.  Jake Tacke is only 6 points ahead of Joey Ray in their battle for third and fourth place.

Gary Hill is only 12 points ahead of Maurice Myre for the WISSOTA Modified points and Paul Donnelly is 31 points out. 

Kelly Hample has a 12 point lead on Rock Degele in the Late Models though Chris Dunn is back 19 points followed by Jim Zaremski at 22 behind.

Next weekend:  September 2nd and 3rd the WISSOTA Late Models and Sprints return for a double header CAN/AM event.  Track Championships are to be decided as well.  Additional parking is available in the Big Sky Bus Lines parking lot.



Not So Pure Stocks

Heat – Cody Ryan, Patrick Harvie, Tim Doyle, JJ Johnson, Bill Handel, Kory Wermling, Casey Durand, Shannon Cote, Greg Azure (DNF)

Feature – Wermling, Handel, Ryan, Harvie, Durand (DNF), Cote, Doyle (DNF), Johnson (DNF), Azure (DNF)

WISSOTA Street Stocks


Heat #1 – Marvin Gonzales, Mike Anderson, Ron Mattern, Tom Miesmer, Nick Hunter

Heat #2 – Dwayne Fowler, Paul Lease, Beau Brown, Ron Weber, Michael Price

Feature – Brown, Fowler, Lease, Anderson, Gonzales, Mattern, Miesmer, Price, Weber (DNF), Hunter (DNF)

WISSOTA Super Stocks



Heat #1 – Mark Rieker, Chuck Fleming, Pat LaMere, Mike Pistelak, Tony Steber, Pacer Popham, Jake Tucker, Rowdy Gillen

Heat #2 – John Lighthizer, Ryan Fasching, Casey Steffenson, Dolan Sevalstad, Justin Rieker, Clay Irwin, Rich Wermling (DNF)

Feature – Fasching, M. Rieker, J. Rieker, LaMere, Fleming, Pistelak, Steffenson, Tucker, Gillen (DNF), Lighthizer (DNF), Sevalstad (DNF), Steber (DNF), Popham (DNF), Irwin (DNF), Wermling (DNF)

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Heat #1 – Sean McBee, Jeramy Myers, Joey Price, Jim Myre, Jake Tacke, Michael Shure, Dan Steber (DNF)

Heat #2 – Marty Harvie, David McCune, Joey Ray, Zach Olson, Chuck Bowley, Joey Tinker (DQ)

Heat #3 – Ron Sasek, Chris Hill, Kelly Blixt, Tim McCune, Jerry Sangrey Jr., Jonathan Scarber

Feature – Harvie, Price, Myers, T. McCune, Blixt, Olson, Tinker, D. McCune, Tacke, Ray, Shure, Bowley, Hill (DNF), Sasek (DNF), Myre (DNF), Steber (DNF), McBee (DNF), Sangrey Jr. (DNF), Scarber (DNF