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Mother Nature Cooperates with Electric City Speedway

14 May 2012 | Featured News | |    

By Vikki Higginbotham

It may have taken a few rainy weekends, but Electric City Speedway hosted a full night of racing action this past Saturday.  Starting the evening the speedway took a moment to remember a few members of the racing family that were lost over the off season.  While Justin Mann and Pat LaMere made parade laps during a tribute put together on behalf of the families of Gary Wagner, Darcy Mann and Ken LaMere, Ken Mann set to release 42 black and white balloons.

A slow to fast running order was on the cards for the evening as the WISSOTA Street Stocks took to the track en masse for three heats.  Paul Lease and Jeremy Castro battled in the first heat with Lease claiming the victory.  Cody Ryan grabbed an early lead on Beau Brown and kept gaining distance in the second heat.  After gaining the lead in the third heat from Troy Weninger, Marvin Gonzales took the top spot.  The feature was a completely different event.  Twenty three cars started the event.  Paul Lease led most of the laps with Beau Brown knocking on the back bumper.  Taking advantage of lapped traffic Brown made his way around Lease.  Gonzales caused one caution and had to start at the rear of the field.  After multiple cautions, one resulting in winding down the time clock the race was called after fourteen laps under caution.  Though he was on the move Gonzales had to settle for a third place finish.  Lease was runner up to Brown.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds were in perfect form for the evening.  Jim Myre had mechanical issues that prevented him from competing with the other nineteen drivers.  Ron Harvie, Doug Lapierre and Chris Hill were victorious in the heats.  At the start of the feature one could tell the hunger of the drivers for the lead.  Ron Harvie was nudged out of the way in the first turn and had to pit for a flat.  The pack kept battling and as laps wound down Chris Hill, Mike Pistelak and Doug Lapierre had fans out of their seats as a three wide battle for first continued for a few laps.  With a final turn pass on Hill, Pistelak inched his way ahead and claimed his first victory of the season.

Two heats of WISSOTA Super Stocks started of the class’ night.  Curt Popham held of his brother Pacer for the first heat victory.  Clay Irwin was dominating the second heat until a caution for Richard Azure stopping on the track flew.  Casey Steffenson and Ryan Fasching took advantage of the restart to get around Irwin.  Steffenson was the final victor.  Surviving was the name of the game in the feature, as numerous cautions claiming multiple cars appeared to set the scene.  After five caution flags flew drivers were given the yellow/black warning informing them whoever caused the next cautions was eliminated from the event.  Casey Steffenson was the tough luck receiver as he had nowhere to go when Dolan Sevalstad got out of shape in turn four.  A final caution for debris had the field lining up for a green-white-checkered scenario.  Ryan Fasching held off Pacer Popham in a close battle across the finish line.

The WISSOTA Modifieds ran two fast heats with Gary Hill and Mark Wermling declared the winners.  In the feature, Sean Higginbotham brought out the first caution spinning in turn four.  The red flag flew when Mark Wermling made contact with Sean McBee after a bump by McBee in turn four. Wermling spun and was collected by Azure and Chad Johnson with Azure landing on his roof in a destroyed car.   Brining out his second caution Higginbotham had to park his car for the night.  Gary Hill took the events in stride and claimed his second victory of 2012.

The WISSOTA Late Models were freaky fast in both their heat and feature events.  Jody Kropp claimed the heat.   The feature was all Rock Degele as he took an early lead and dominated the caution free event.

Next week the CAN/AM Challenge featuring Sprints on both Friday and Saturday nights.  The Street Stocks & Midwest Modifieds will join them as well with the Super Stocks running Friday night and Modifieds running Saturday night.   Pit Entry: $20.00.  Grandstand Tickets are:  Adult – $14.00, Youth – $10.00, Children – $3.00 and Seniors are free.


WISSOTA Street Stocks

Heat #1 – Paul Lease, Jeremy Castro, Ron Weber, Nick Hunter, Brad Norris, Stephan Foley, Shannon Cote, Bill Handel

Heat #2 – Cody Ryan, Beau Brown, Kyle Jarvey, Kory Wermling, Jeff Sekuterski, Taylor Martin, Kenneth Hunter, John Johnson

Heat #3 – Marvin Gonzales, Troy Weninger, Warren Samoy, Ron Mattern, Ron Imberi, Paul Lande, Brenton Collins

Feature – Brown, Lease, Gonzales, Weninger, Mattern, Weber, Norris, Castro, Ryan, Jarvey, Sekuterski, Lande, Imberi, Foley, Martin, Samoy, Collins, Handel, Cote, Johnson, N. Hunter, Wermling, K. Hunter

WISSOTA Midwest Modified

Heat #1 – Ron Harvie, Mike Pistelak, Joey Tinker, Dave McCune, Tommy Bush, Michael Shure, Jim Myre

Heat #2 – Doug Lapierre, Aaron Liscum, Jake Tacke, Jerry Sangrey Jr., Tim McCune, Taylor Falkenhagen

Heat #3 – Chris Hill, Ron Sasek, Zach Olson, Joey Price, Patrick Harvie, Beau Brown, Bob Price

Feature – Pistelak, Hill, Lapierre, Liscum, Olson, Sasek, T. McCune, Tinker, J. Price, Bush, D. McCune, Brown, Falkenhagen, Tacke, Shure, P. Harvie, B. Price, Sangrey Jr., R. Harvie, Myre

WISSOTA Super Stock


Heat #1 – Curt Popham, Pacer Popham, Sharid Lee, Mike Pistelak, Pat LaMere, Gordo Oppelt, Alex Wermling, Chad Bykonen

Heat #2 – Casey Steffenson, Ryan Fasching, Clay Irwin, Dolan Sevalstad, John Lighthizer, Jake Tucker, Richard Azure

Feature – Fasching, P. Popham, Lee, Lighthizer, C. Popham, Irwin, LaMere, Pistelak, Oppelt, Wermling, Bykonen, Tucker, Steffenson, Sevalstad, Azure

WISSOTA Modified


Heat #1 – Gary Hill, Paul Donnelly, Rock Degele, Chad Johnson, David Azure, Paul Leach, Sean Higginbotham, Emory Wells

Heat #2 – Mark Wermling, Maurice Myre, Sean McBee, Joey Price, Jeremy Meirhofer, Justin Mann, Tony Steward, John Price

Feature – Hill, Myre, Donnelly, Wells, McBee, Leach, Meirhofer, Degele, Johnson, Steward, John Price, Justin Mann, Joey Price, Sean Higginbotham, Dave Azure, Mark Wermling

WISSOTA Late Model


Heat – Jody Kropp, Pacer Popham, Rock Degele, Rory Minster, John Lighthizer, Chris Dunn, JD Olson, Ryan Wiltfong

Feature – Degele, Kropp, Lighthizer, Dunn, Popham, Minster, Wiltfong, Olson