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Mattern, Wermling, Steffenson and Hill Victorious at Electric City Speedway

27 July 2013 | Featured News, Headlines | |    

By Vikki Higginbotham
Friday night’s events opened on a somber note as drivers and fans were notified that long time supporter and fan Nathan “Ogie” Ogren had passed away that morning. In a loving tribute WISSOTA Super Stock driver Pat LaMere took the checkered flag around the track during the national anthem. Ogie was what one could call the Ultimate Race Fan attending the very first race in 1953 and to most people’s recollection he never missed a race including many WISSOTA 100 events. Playing many active roles in the sport he will always be remembered for his never ending support of our drivers. If there was any way he could help them out he would.
As Ogie would have liked to see racing began with the WISSOTA Street Stocks. Cody Ryan and Ron Mattern led caution free heats to the checkered flag. In the feature, five cautions flew in the first fifteen laps bringing out the yellow and black warning. With five to go, Mattern had Cody Ryan and Troy Weninger behind him for the restart. Weninger was credited with the first caution and had to work his way back up for his bid at a victory. When the checkered flag flew it was Mattern sweeping his events for another victory this racing season. Weninger came up second with Ryan behind him.
The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds held three heats. A spin by pole sitter Marty Harvie stacked up the field in turn one just after the restart. JJ Johnson was unable to continue the heat race. Jerry Sangrey Jr. was running strong in second until a blown engine shut his night down. Paul Leach claimed the heat. Kory Wermling took the second heat and Ron Sasek the third. The feature held many cautions that finally went into extended time and had a green-white-checkered finish set up. The first attempt was unsuccessful as Kory Wermling was about to take the white flag another spin lined them back up for a second try. Wermling held off Zach Olson and returned to victory lane.
The WISSOTA Super Stocks ran a single heat and Pat LaMere led the field to victory. The feature was epic. A battle between Casey Steffenson, Pacer Popham and LaMere was the sight to see as the drivers swapped the lead multiple times. A caution, for a spin by Mike Pistelak with seven to go, set the finish up beautifully. As the white flag flew Popham was the leader. Coming around for the checkered flag Steffenson saw his opportunity and got under Popham in turns three and four. LaMere was biding his time and when Popham bobbled he crossed the checkers right behind Steffenson.
In the WISSOTA Modified heats Paul Donnelly and Gary Hill were victorious. Hill had to work his way from the back due to his spin in turn two on the first lap. The feature hosted many leaders including Joey Price, who while leading went into turns one and two a little strong and wound up spinning himself out. His dad John also had a spin in the same turn. Making his way through the field Gary Hill ended his evening with a clean sweep.
Upcoming: August 2, 2013 Electric City Speedway’s Celebration of Life & Amsoil Qualifier. This is that track’s night to celebrate the lives of those who have passed and share the memories. It is also the night for the Amsoil qualifying races. Winners of the qualifying races are given a spot in the Race of Champions at the WISSOTA 100 held in Huron, South Dakota in September.
August 8-9, 2013 Quigley’s NSA Sprints will be returning to the Electric City
August 9-10, 2013 The Mountain Country Quarter Midgets return for a two day event as well.
WISSOTA Street Stocks
Heat #1 – Cody Ryan, Tom Miesmer, Troy Weninger, Brice Miesmer, Jesse Christiansen, Del Voss
Heat #2 – Ron Mattern, Terry Nelson, Bill Handel, JJ Johnson, Frank Pearson, Matt O’Connell
Feature – Mattern, Weninger, Ryan, T. Miesmer, Pearson, B. Miesmer, O’Connell, Handel, Nelson, Voss, Christiansen, Johnson
WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Heat #1 – Paul Leach, Marty Harvie, Travis Cushman, Mike Pistelak, Tommy Bush, Jerry Sangrey Jr., JJ Johnson
Heat #2 – Kory Wermling, Kody Harvie, Zach Olson, Michael Price, Patrick Harvie, Michael Shure
Heat #3 – Ron Sasek, Jake Tucker, John Price, Bob Price, Jeremy Olds, Chris Hill
Feature – Wermling, Olson, M. Harvie, Tucker, Leach, Sasek, Hill, M. Price, Olds, Bush, K. Harvie, P. Harvie, Johnson, Cushman, Pistelak, B. Price, John Price, Shure, Sangrey Jr.
WISSOTA Super Stocks
Heat – Pat LaMere, Casey Steffenson, Pacer Popham, Josh Aho, Clay Irwin, JT No Runner, Mike Pistelak, Jake Tucker, Chuck Fleming
Feature – Steffenson, LaMere, Popham, Fleming, Pistelak, Irwin, Aho, No Runner, Tucker
WISSOTA Modified
Heat #1 – Paul Donnelly, Joey Price, Chad Johnson, Paul Leach, Patrick Wallace
Heat #2 – Gary Hill, Mark Wermling, John Price, David Azure, Jody Kropp
Feature – Hill, Wermling, Joey Price, Leach, Donnelly, John Price, Azure, Johnson, Wallace, Kropp