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Long Awaited Late Models Return to Electric City Speedway

18 June 2011 | Featured News | |    

By Vikki Higginbotham

After rain cancelled a double header weekend in May of 2011, fans and drivers came out in droves to watch the ground pounding WISSOTA Late Models on “Thunder Hill”.  Weather reports were threatening storms, but a night with five classes went off without anything more than an occasional drop or two. 

The Not So Pure Stocks started the evening with Cody Ryan taking the first heat.  At the start of the second heat JJ Johnson lost the fuel cap and after it was replaced the race resumed.  After causing Jeremy Ivie to spin in turn two Johnson was given a black flag warning for unsportsmanlike driving and sent to the back of the field.  Kory Wermling hit a hole in the mud coming off turn two and lost control spinning on the backstretch.  No caution called as Wermling was able to recover and continue the race.  With what looked like a second place heat finish Matt O’Connell got loose in turn four on the final lap and hits the tires in the turn four pit opening.  After all the early race excitement, Johnson claimed the victory in heat two. 

During the feature, Wermling was called for causing a caution that had Johnson spinning in turn two making hard contact with the infield tires.  With Wermling in the back Cody Ryan takes the lead on the restart.  Matt O’Connell goes around in turn three and Patrick Harvie shoots up the track to avoid him., Wermling was on the outside of Harvie and took a hard hit into the concrete with the right front but able to continue.  Charging his way through the field from the back of the back Kory Wermling claimed his third victory of the season.  On the cool down lap, Wermling was unable to turn his car to take the checkers around for a victory lap.  During the trophy presentation Wermling said the only thing that was holding his right front on was the brake caliper.  

The WISSOTA Late Models gave fans two perfect heat races.  However, a broken tandem belt kept Dave Freeman from participating in the night’s events.  Fans were greeted with a three wide parade lap just before the start of the main event.  During the feature event Jim Myre landed his car backwards on the turn one outside wall. Pole sitter, Kelly Hample of Billings, added yet another Electric City Speedway victory to his career finishing ahead of Jimmy Zaremski. 


The WISSOTA Street Stocks held little excitement in the heats other than a left rear flat on Ron Mattern causing him to hit the backstretch wall.  The start of the feature was filled with action as a spin in turn two had most of the field scrambling to avoid the event.  Unlucky in the melee was Marvin Gonzales putting him out for the night.  It looked as if Kenneth Hunter would get his first ECS victory of the season, but again had to settle for a top five finish.  Beau Brown crossed the checkers with the remaining three Deer Lodge drivers following suit.  Paul Lease and Nick Hunter split the track around a lapped car at the finish with Lease finishing just ahead of Nick.  Kenneth rounded up the gang with a fourth place finish.  Brown had struggled throughout the race with no power steering.

During the WISSOTA Super Stock feature, Alex Wermling spins in turn two and Rowdy Gillen took to the pits to avoid a collision.   Dolan Sevalstad had his own issues with turn two resulting in losing a spring on the backstretch.  Dorn Jeske had some electrical issues and both Sevalstad and Jeske were out of the event.  Pacer Popham brought out the final caution with a spin in turn two as well.  Casey Steffenson worked his way up from an eighth place starting position to be the first across the finish and claiming his third victory of the season.

A miscommunication during the first WISSOTA Midwest Modified heat had drivers racing for a green white checkered finish.  The second heat had Dan Steber spun in turn four with the assistance of Ron Sasek.  The only caution in the feature was the result of spins in turns one and two.  Jake Tacke was sent to the back of the field for the restart.  After running in the front pack for most of the race, Beau Brown had to pull off the track with a bad transmission.  Sean McBee and Paul Leach swapped the lead a couple of times throughout the event.  In the end Leach was able to hold off McBee for his first win this season.


 Not So Pure Stock

Heat #1 – Cody Ryan, Patrick Harvie, Curt Beck, Brian Chaon, Carl Sangrey, Shannon Cote

Heat #2 – JJ Johnson, Jeremy Ivie, Kory Wermling, Larry Gonzales, Matt O’Connell

Feature – Wermling, Ryan, Harvie, O’Connell, Sangrey, Ivie, Chaon, Gonzales, Cote, Johnson, Beck (DNF)

WISSOTA Late Models

Heat #1 – Kelly Hample, Jimmy Zaremski, Rock Degele, Chris Dunn, John Lighthizer, Jim Myre

Heat #2 – David Smith, Mick Halverson, Steve Fowler, Jody Kropp, Dave Freeman (DNS)

Feature – Hample, Zaremski, Smith, Degele, Lighthizer, Dunn, Kropp, Halverson, Fowler (DNF), Myre (DNF), Freeman (DNS)

WISSOTA Street Stock

Heat #1 – Marvin Gonzales, Beau Brown, Paul Lease, Warren Samoy, Michael Price, Troy Weninger, Ron Harvie

Heat #2 – Nick Hunter, Jeff Sekuterski, Kyle Jarvey, Kenneth Hunter, Bryant Kruckenberg, Ron Mattern (DNF)

Feature – Brown, Lease, N. Hunter, K. Hunter, Weninger, Price, Mattern, Sekuterski, Samoy, Jarvey, Kruckenberg (DNF), Gonzales (DNF), Harvie (DNS)


WISSOTA Super Stock

Heat #1 – Tony Steber, Casey Steffenson, Mike Pistelak, Jake Tucker, Josh Aho, Alex Wermling, Rowdy Gillen

Heat #2 – Pacer Popham, Sharid Lee, Pat LaMere, Chuck Fleming, Rock Degele, Dolan Sevalstad, Dorn Jeske

Feature – Steffenson, Pistelak, LaMere, Degele, Fleming, Popham, Aho, Tucker, Steber, Gillen, Wermling, Lee, Jeske (DNF), Sevalstad (DNF)


WISSOTA Midwest Modified

Heat #1 – Kelly Blixt, Beau Brown, Paul Leach, Chris Hill, Zach Olson, Jonathan Scarber, Jerry Sangrey Jr.

Heat #2 – Sean McBee, Ron Sasek, Jake Tacke, Alan Adams, Travis Cushman, Joseph Ray, Dan Steber (DNF)

Feature – Leach, McBee, Adams, Blixt, Sasek, Olson, Steber, Hill, Sangrey Jr., Tacke, Ray, Scarber, Brown (DNF), Cushman (DNF)