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LaMere Back in Victory Lane

03 July 2012 | Featured News | |    

By Vikki Higginbotham
Electric City Speedway hosted the regular classes of WISSOTA Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks and Modifieds Saturday night. During the Street Stock feature the previous week’s winner, Donavon Sorenson worked his way through to the front to claim his second victory in as many weeks. The battle in the event was for fourth place between Jeff Sekuterski and Troy Weninger. Sekuterski got a little loose coming off of turn four on the final lap turning Weninger around. Weninger came across the checkered flags backwards in the fourth place finishing position. As the remaining drivers were racing to the finish BJ Warehime hit Weninger head on just past the flag stand.
Doug LaPierre found his way to the front of the Midwest Modifieds and secured a second victory this season. On a track designed for him, Chad Johnson dominated the Modifieds.
After over two years without a visit to Victory Lane, Pat LaMere found his line and held off Jake Tucker and Pacer Popham. LaMere’s family joined him in Victory Lane for the trophy presentation.
The Lucas Oil ASCS Sprint Car Dirt Series comes to the speedway on Wednesday, July 11, 2012. For advanced tickets and information go to

WISSOTA Street Stocks
Heat #1 – Troy Weninger, Ron Mattern, Donavon Sorenson, Brad Norris, BJ Warehime, JJ Johnson, Shannon Cote
Heat #2 – Marvin Gonzales, Cody Ryan, Jeff Sekuterski, Kory Wermling, Stephan Foley, Bill Handel, Ron Imberi, JT No Runner
Feature – Sorenson, Gonzales, Ryan, Weninger, Sekuterski, Warehime, Wermling, Mattern, Foley, Cote, Handel, Norris, Imberi, Johnson, No Runner

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Heat #1 – Doug LaPierre, Ron Sasek, Jerry Sangrey Jr., Zach Olson, Jake Tacke, Dave McCune
Heat #2 – Aaron Liscum, Jeramy Myers, Tim McCune, Jim Myre, Bobby Myre, Patrick Harvie
Heat #3 – Chris Hill, Joey Tinker, Joey Price, Taylor Falkenhagen, Jerry Hill, Michael Shure
Feature – LaPierre, C. Hill, J. Myre, Myers, Falkenhagen, Harvie, J. Hill, Sasek, Liscum, Olson, Tacke, D. McCune, T. McCune, Sangrey Jr., Tinker, Shure, B. Myre, Price

WISSOTA Super Stocks

Heat – Curt Popham, Pacer Popham, Pat LaMere, Jake Tucker, Mike Pistelak, Clay Irwin, Casey Steffenson, Alex Wermling, Sharid Lee
Feature – LaMere, Tucker, P. Popham, Lee, Pistelak, C. Popham, Steffenson, Wermling, Irwin

WISSOTA Modifieds

Heat #1 – Joey Price, Gary Hill, Dave Azure, John Price, Justin Mann, Jesse Baertsch
Heat #2 – Chad Johnson, Jody Kropp, Maurice Myre, Sean McBee, Pat Wallace, Jerry Baertsch
Feature – Johnson, Hill, McBee, Kropp, Azure, Wallace, Mann, Jerry Baertsch, Myre, Jesse Baertsch, John Price, Joey Price