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Kid’s Night at Electric City Speedway

30 July 2011 | Featured News | |    

By Vikki Higginbotham

Despite competing with the first full day of the Montana State Fair, the Charlie Daniels Band in concert and the Flight over the Falls Blue Angels Air Show, Electric City Speedway hosted the Not So Pure Stocks, WISSOTA Street Stocks, WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, and WISSOTA Modifieds for a night of racing.  During the intermission kids were able to go out on the front stretch and collected driver cards and even posed with their favorite drivers for photos.

After a rough night the week before Matt O’Connell scrambled to get a motor together to run the night’s events.  During the heat race O’Connell put on a show taking a great start and turning it into a victory.  The feature event, however, was another story.  After taking the lead from JJ Johnson in the early laps O’Connell spins in turn two.  The second caution, caused by Patrick Harvie spinning in turn two, proved detrimental to him.  As cars were slowing up, O’Connell lost both the driveline and transmission ending his night with just ten laps completed.  JJ Johnson lost a tire while leading and had to go to the pits under green flag conditions.  It appeared that the kids of the class were struggling through the early laps, but Kory Wermling, Cody Ryan, and Patrick Harvie held firm and found their grooves by the end of the event.  Wermling took home his sixth feature of the season.

Chris Hill was the only victim in the heat races of the Midwest Modifieds by losing a right rear tire.  Within the first lap of the feature Jake Tacke spins in turn 3 and David McCune loses a motor on his first night in the class.  Zach Olson had a strong showing leading most of the first half of the race.  Vernon Hill battled his way through traffic to the front and was the leader when a caution came out with sixteen laps complete.  Finishing out the event with a great lead Hill claimed another victory in the Midwest Modifieds.  After the night’s events the top five drivers were whistled and were within the regulations set forth by WISSOTA.

The WISSOTA Street Stock heat had Ron Mattern out front the entire race.  After a strong showing in the heat, Mattern was caught up on a tangle with Warren Samoy that had both cars headed to the pits for the night.  Troy Weninger lost a motor.  This left Gonzales and the “Gang” left to battle for the top spot.  Nick Hunter was on a roll leading most of the race.   Gonzales brought out the final caution with a spin in turn four setting it up for a green, white, checkered finish.  Nick Hunter hit his marks and kept his 58 out front. 

Gary Hill had a strong showing in both the heat race and feature.  Running from green to checkered flag the first heat was led entirely by Hill.  After leading in the second heat Maurice Myre slows up coming out of turn four and stops in turn two.  Dana Lerum had trouble in the heat as well and pulled off the track without incident.  Mark Wermling was popping and cracking throughout the heat, but was able to figure out the problem and join the feature.  Chad Johnson ran a flawless feature only losing the lead briefly to Joey Price, but Price had mechanical issues causing him to slow to a stop on track bringing out the second caution of the race.  With ten laps complete drivers attempted to work past each other to reach Johnson.  The caution flew again when Maurice Myre came to a stop in turns three and four.  Myre was battling with Gary Hill and a miscalculation had Myre damaging his right front.  Joey Price slowed to a stop again on the track and was asked to the pit area for causing his second caution.  A great race for the Modifieds as track conditions were optimum for fast paced passing.  Johnson claimed his victory in front of Mark Wermling, Gary Hill, Vernon Hill and Paul Donnelly finishing behind him.

Next week is “TOPLESS” Night at the speedway.  Come out and see as our drivers remove their roofs for a bird’s eye view of the driver as he makes his way around the track.  Six classes are on hand with the Not So Pure Stocks, Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks, Modifieds and Late Models.


Not So Pure Stock

Heat – Matt O’Connell, Kory Wermling, Cody Ryan, JJ Johnson, Patrick Harvie, Bill Handel, Shannon Cote, Casey Durand

Feature – Wermling, Handel, Ryan, Harvie, Durand, Johnson (DNF), Cote (DNF), O’Connell (DNF)

WISSOTA Midwest Modified

Heat #1 – Vernon Hill, Beau Brown, Paul Leach, Zach Olson, Jake Tacke, Jonathan Scarber, David McCune

Heat #2 – Ron Sasek, Tim McCune, Sean McBee, Mike Pistelak, Kelly Blixt, Michael Shure, Joey Ray, Chris Hill (DNF)

Feature – V.Hill, T. McCune, McBee, Olson, Leach, Sasek, Blixt, Pistelak, Tacke, Scarber, Ray, Shure, C. Hill (DNF), Brown (DNF), D. McCune(DNF)


WISSOTA Street Stock

Heat – Ron Mattern, Nick Hunter, Paul Lease, Marvin Gonzales, Beau Brown, Warren Samoy, Troy Weninger

Feature – Hunter, Brown, Lease, Gonzales, Weninger (DNF), Mattern (DNF), Samoy (DQ)

WISSOTA Modified

Heat #1 – Gary Hill, Dave Azure, Joey Price, Paul Leach, Tony Steward, Pat Wallace

Heat #2 – Vernon Hill, Mark Wermling, Paul Donnelly, Chad Johnson, Maurice Myre (DNF), Dana Lerum (DNF)

Feature – Johnson, Wermling, G. Hill, V. Hill, Donnelly, Leach, Azure, Steward, Myre (DNF), Price (DNF), Wallace (DNF), Lerum (DNF)