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Ken Schrader Visits Electric City Speedway

16 July 2011 | Featured News | |    

By Vikki Higginbotham

NASCAR Driver Ken Schrader arrived at Electric City Speedway on Saturday, July 16, 2010 to race with the WISSOTA Modifieds.  It was one of the many stops Ken had planned on his month long road-trip with his son Sheldon.  Race fans came out in droves to meet Ken and watch him compete with the speedway’s top drivers.  Ken took time for drivers and crews before heading up into the grandstands for autographs with and photos with the fans.  Sheldon kept pretty busy himself by selling his dad’s merchandise. 

After the Midwest Modifieds and Not So Pure Stocks ran their heats and the first of two Modifieds took to the track, Mother Nature tried her best to shut the show down.  With rain starting to fall Ken along with Maurice Myre, Mark Wermling, Chad Johnson, Emory Wells, Joey Price, Tony Steward and Gary Hill started their heat.  Choosing not to run a few hot laps prior to the show this was Ken’s first opportunity to race the track’s overly tacky surface.  Within the first lap the track’s regulars had shuffled Schrader to the back.  However, it didn’t take him long to figure the corners and start picking the field off.  By the end of the heat Schrader had worked his way back to a fourth place finish.  No sooner than the finish of the heat did the sky let loose with a deluge of rain and hail. 

After an hour and thirty-five minute delay for the rain and packing racing resumed with the Street Stocks running their heats followed by the second Modified heat.  A brief intermission occurred so lineups could be posted. 

The Midwest Modifieds were the first to run their feature event.  Chuck Bowley slowed on the backstretch to bring out the first caution.  Mechanical issues had him finished for the evening.  Dan Steber had to pit for a flat tire and was unable to return to the track before it went green.  Tommy Eubank brought out his 29 “Green Machine” for the first time this year, but after packing and getting on the gas just a little a broken pinion gear in the rear end had him watching the entire evening.  Maurice Myre had transmission issues that kept him from completing the final lap.

The “kids” were at it again in the Not So Pure Stock class.  Losing his car’s nose piece didn’t stop Cody Ryan.  Gaining the lead after Carl Sangrey put leader Brian Chaon into the backstretch wall, Ryan crossed the checkers for his third win of the season.  Sangrey and Jeremy Ivie were both disqualified in the event for rough driving.  Last week’s winner, Kory Wermling, battled a few issues and finished seventh overall.  Stephan Foley lost an axle causing a green, white, checkered finish.

Ron Mattern shot out like a rocket at the start of the Street Stock feature.  Pulling away from the field Mattern had a few great laps of open track.  After a caution for debris the field reconnected.  Warren Samoy was hot on the bumper of Mattern for a few laps at the restart.  Unable to get around Mattern on the backstretch Samoy got under him in turn 3 and began hammering him up the track.  Both drivers’ night was abruptly ended by the front stretch wall.  Samoy was disqualified for rough driving.  This gave Marvin Gonzales the opening he needed to shut out the Deer Lodge guys.  Battling with Paul Lease, Gonzales took the lead and fought his way to a third victory this season.  Lease had to settle for second place.

The feature event everyone was waiting for was coming up as the WISSOTA Modifieds took to the track.  Following the pace truck of Ken Mann fourteen drivers started were set to start the race.  Lap two had drivers stacking up in turn two as Emory Wells took the corner a little hard and spun in front of most of the field.  Gary Hill and Wells were unable to continue.  Maurice Myre led the first few laps and started lapping cars.  Mark Wermling used the slower cars to his advantage and captured the lead in turns three and four.  Myre ran out of track and rode the front stretch wall briefly.  Keeping it going a caution didn’t come out until Myre spun in turn two.  After an in race incident with Vernon Hill, Paul Donnelly retaliated under caution sending both drivers to the pits with a disqualification for the evening.  A third caution had Mark Fowler stopped on the front stretch with credit given to Dave Azure.  The final caution had Mark Fowler, Pat Wallace, and Paul Leach tangled on the front stretch.  Pat Wallace had to restart at the back of the field. 

Ken Schrader and Mark Wermling battled lap after lap.  Just as the two took the half way signal from flagman, Schrader passed Wermling on the inside.  Within a lap both drivers came upon the slower car of Pat Wallace.  Schrader chose the outside and Wermling dove down to the inside of Wallace.  Wermling emerged in the lead.   Though Ken could drive up the inside of Mark in the corners the black and red number 9 would pull away on the straight stretches.  Mark emerged victorious.  In Victory Lane a very shaky Wermling pounded on his roof and was all smiles for post race interviews.  He even stated that he was thankful for the last caution because it gave him a chance to catch his breath.  Schrader said afterwards, “The track was a little too wet to start, but overall it was nice.”  When asked about the feature event, “ I played the lapped car all wrong , but it was fun.”

Next week is “Christmas in July” with the Sprints, Not So Pure Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, and Super Stocks.  The Big Sky Bus Lines lot will be open for additional parking.


Midwest Modified

Heat #1 – Vernon Hill, Paul Leach, Ron Sasek, Sean McBee, Joey Ray, Kelly Blixt, Mike Pistelak (DNF), Tommy Eubank (DNS)

Heat #2 – Dan Steber, Jeramy Myers, Jake Tacke, Beau Brown, Alan Adams, Chuck Bowley, Jonathan Scarber, Maurice Myre

Feature – Brown, Hill, Tacke, Myers, Adams, McBee, Pistelak, Ray, Blixt, Sasek, Scarber, Myre (DNF), Leach (DNF), Steber (DNF), Bowley (DNF), Eubank (DNS)

Not So Pure Stock

Heat #1 – Patrick Harvie, Brian Chaon, Stephan Foley, Tim Doyle, Larry Gonzales, Cody Kuglin, Carl Sangrey, Jeremy Ivie

Heat #2 – Cody Ryan, Matt O’Connell, Kory Wermling, JJ Johnson, George Grubb, Greg Azure, Shannon Cote

Feature – Ryan, Harvie, Johnson, Azure, Kuglin, Grubb, Wermling, Cote, Chaon (DNF), O’Connell (DNF), Gonzales (DNF), Foley (DNF), Sangrey (DQ), Doyle (DNS), Ivie (DQ)

Street Stock

Heat #1 – Troy Weninger, Beau Brown, Ron Mattern, Warren Samoy, Jim Davis

Heat #2 – Paul Lease, Nick Hunter, Ron Harvie, Ron Weber, Marvin Gonzales

Feature – Gonzales, Brown, Lease, Hunter, Weninger, Davis, Mattern (DNF), Harvie (DNF), Weber (DNS), Samoy (DQ)


Heat #1 – Maurice Myre, Mark Wermling, Chad Johnson, Ken Schrader, Emory Wells, Joey Price, Tony Steward, Gary Hill

Heat #2 – David Azure, Paul Leach, Paul Donnelly, Pat Wallace, Tommy Bush, Vernon Hill (DNF), Jody Kropp (DNF), Mark Fowler (DNF), Dana Lerum (DNS)

Feature – Wermling, Schrader, Price, Azure, Leach, Bush, Fowler (DNF), Wallace (DNF), Myre (DNF), Lerum (DNF), G. Hill (DNF), Wells (DNF), Steward (DNS), Johnson (DNS), Kropp (DNS), V. Hill (DQ), Donnelly (DQ