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Joey Price Doubles

18 June 2012 | Featured News | |    

By Vikki Higginbotham
Warm temperatures along with Montana winds greeted fans Saturday Night at Electric City Speedway. The WISSOTA Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks and Modifieds were set for a full night of racing.
Two heats of WISSOTA Street Stocks started the evening off. Kory Wermling led the field to the checkers in the first heat. After spinning in turn four during the second heat, Marvin Gonzales had to restart in the back of the pack. Charging his way back through the field he captured the second heat. At the driver’s meeting the drivers were told there were adjustments to the caution rule. After 3 cautions the black and yellow cross would fly and any following cautions would result in the driver who caused it being sent into the pits. This went into effect in the feature after a few cautions for spins.

An incident involving most of the field on the final lap behind leader Troy Weninger resulted with many cars suffering major damage. Therefore, finishing positions behind Weninger were determined by the previous lap in accordance with the track rules posted to the track’s website under “Driver Info: Race Procedures”. White Flag: One lap to go. In the event that the White Flag has been displayed and for any reason the track is blocked by an accident or some other problem, the payoff and points may be made using the order the cars crossed the finish line on the last complete lap except that the car or cars causing the blockage on accident shall be scored at the end of the lap they were running on and if there are multiple cars, they will be placed at the end of the lap in the order they stopped. In this case, no one was charged with the cause of the blockage.

Paul Leach, Doug Lapierre and Zach Olson were victorious in their heats for the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds. The black and yellow caution rule came into effect in the feature for this class as well. Ron Sasek and Alan Riley ended tangled on the backstretch to bring out a fourth caution. After track officials were unable to separate the cars Alan Riley pulled away and Sasek was credited with the caution. Riley was attempting to catch up to the field when his car burst into flames in turns three and four. After the fire crew extinguished the flames and assessed the damage, Riley was able to continue. In the final laps, Joey Price and Joey Ray jockeyed for position. Though Ray had to settle for second place it was his best finish to date in only his second season racing.
The WISSOTA Super Stocks took to the track third in the lineup. During the heat, a couple of cautions flew for spins. Casey Steffenson took his second spot starting position and turned it into a first place finish. Jake Tucker brought out the first caution in the feature. Casey Steffenson and Pacer Popham were battling for position that resulted in Casey going around in turn two. Steffenson was sent to the back for the restart. A couple more cautions for spins were the remaining incidents, but the fans were on their feet as Jake Tucker had made his way back up to the front to try to put leader Pacer Popham behind him. A close battle in the final laps had Tucker coming up a little short of victory. Popham has had back to back wins this season.
The final class to run was the WISSOTA Modifieds. During the heat drivers were flying by a spot in turn three that when hit would throw their cars out of whack. Gary Hill was victim to the spot as he set for the corner and ended up against the outside wall with a right front tire. Sean McBee found his way around it and claimed the heat victory. McBee had a great feature as well. In the one caution event McBee found his groove. Coming from the last place starting position Joey Price worked his way through the field and put a damper on McBee’s chance at a Modified event sweep. Price visited victory lane for the second time in the evening.
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WISSOTA Street Stocks
Heat #1 – Kory Wermling, Paul Lease, Troy Weninger, Michael Price, Brian Chaon, Brenton Collins, JT No Runner
Heat #2 – Marvin Gonzales, Cody Ryan, Tom Miesmer, Donavan Sorenson, Stephan Foley, William Handel, John Johnson
Heat #3 – Kenneth Hunter, Ron Imberi, Ron Mattern, Ron Weber, Taylor Martin, Shannon Cote
Feature – Weninger, K. Hunter, Lease, Sorenson, Ryan, Imberi, Weber, Mattern, Foley, Martin, Wermling, Price, Collins, Cote, Handel, Chaon, Miesmer, Gonzales, No Runner
WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Heat #1 – Paul Leach, Taylor Falkenhagen, Jim Myre, Aaron Liscum, Jake Tacke, Dave McCune, Josh Olsen
Heat #2 – Doug Lapierre, Ron Sasek, Joey Price, Chris Hill, Michael Shure, Bobby Myre, Ronnie Harvie
Heat #3 – Zach Olson, Alan Riley, Tim McCune, Jeramy Myers, Joey Ray, Joey Tinker
Feature – Price, Ray, Leach, Lapierre, Tinker, Riley, T. McCune, Olson, Myers, Falkenhagen, Liscum, Sasek, Tacke, Shure, J. Myre, Olsen, B. Myre, Hill, D. McCune, Harvie
WISSOTA Super Stocks
Heat – Casey Steffenson, Sharid Lee, Pacer Popham, Pat LaMere, Alex Wermling, Rowdy Gillen, Jake Tucker, Curt Popham
Feature – P. Popham, Tucker, Steffenson, C. Popham, Lee, Wermling, Gillen, LaMere
WISSOTA Modifieds
Heat – Sean McBee, John Price, Paul Leach, Pat Wallace, Maurice Myre, Justin Mann, Gary Hill, Joey Price
Feature – Joey Price, McBee, Hill, Leach, Myre, Mann, Wallace, John Price