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05 December 2012 | Featured News | |    

When we first began operating our track in 1990 we took over from the previous management and followed their plan of running on Friday night.  Friday had been the night for Great Falls for a long time.  In 1999 there were two neighboring tracks running on Friday night, the new Belgrade track and the then new track at Cut Bank, so we moved to Saturday night.  Now with Cut Bank closed and BMP in Billings up and going strong, it is a good time for Great Falls to set Friday as our primary race night.

Change is never easy, but we have some good reasons for making this change. This was not a hurried decision and it is one that we have thought long and hard about.  We are very concerned about our life with our family and since we now have 13, going on 14 grandchildren we want to spend some quality weekend time with our children’s families.  And try as we might, all of our grandchildren are not race fans.

We hope all of our fans, workers and racers can make this change with us and can also enjoy these great Montana summers.

Thank you for understanding!

Dan and Barbara Mann and Family