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Green Flag 2013

07 May 2013 | Featured News | |    

Super Stock web By Vikki Higginbotham
The 2013 racing in Great Falls, Montana is officially underway with a double header event at Electric City Speedway this past Friday and Saturday night. The WISSOTA Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks and Modifieds were on hand for both nights.
Starting the evening off Friday the WISSOTA Street Stocks ran two heats. With only a single spin in the first heat they successfully put their first race in the books. Familiar faces Cody Ryan and Ron Mattern took the top spot in the heats. The feature held a little more excitement as Ryan led for two thirds of it but had to pull off due to a broken axle. Mattern took over but a self inflicted spin put him to the back of the pack for a restart. Donavon Sorenson captured the first WISSOTA Street Stock feature of the season.
Saturday didn’t fare well for Sorenson, however. Sorenson’s night ended with a hard impact to the front stretch wall. Weninger was sent to the back of the pack for the restart but managed to work his way back up for the win. Mattern held off Ryan for the other heat victory. The feature was the polar opposite of the previous night. In a caution free event Weninger became the second feature winner for the class.
Some great excitement occurred in the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds over the weekend. Starting with Friday night Marty Harvie took the first heat to a caution free close. Paul Leach led his heat to victory with only a single caution. The third heat had Michael Price connecting his right front with the front stretch wall and causing severe damage to the car. Kory “The Flying Werm” Wermling, in his first start as a Midwest Modified, led the third and final heat to the checkers. After two jumped starts that had pole sitter Marty Harvie losing two starting positions, Wermling was positioned on the pole for the start of the event. Kory kept the field behind him through a few cautions, but in a final green-white-checkered run for the win, Paul Leach took the opening Wermling left for him and pulled away with the victory. Wermling finished second.
The second night for the Midwest Modifieds ran a little smoother. Marty Harvie and Greg Tacke captured the heat wins. The feature held a lot of position swapping and found Wermling in victory lane with his first of what may be many wins.
The WISSOTA Super Stocks had a terrific heat race on Friday night as Pat LaMere and Casey Steffenson battled for the race lead. LaMere crossed the finish line ahead of Steffenson. In the feature Steffenson made his way to the front. Jake Tucker found his way up to Steffenson and in a close finish settled for second place for the first feature of the season. Steffenson captured his first feature of 2013.
Saturday held a little heartbreak for Dolan Sevalstad. As the field was coming to the white flag mechanical issues brought out the caution and Sevalstad’s night was over. Steffenson claimed the heat victory. Wade Johnson brought out the two cautions in the feature for spins. Steffenson swept the features for the 2013 Montana Spring Roundup.
The final class to run Friday night was the WISSOTA Modifieds. In two caution free heats Gary Hill and Paul Leach led their fields to the finish line. The feature had Mark Wermling and Paul Leach working their way around Jody Kropp to battle for the lead. In the final laps Leach held Wermling off for his second feature victory of the night.
Saturday night’s heats didn’t go as flawlessly as the previous night. Heat one found Jody Kropp as the victor after three cautions. Mark Wermling took the second heat. A spin in turn 4 involving John Price collected Chad Johnson and Kelly Blixt. Wermling was sent to the back of the field. Though he led a few laps, Leach was unable to hold off Gary Hill and get his second Modified feature win for the season. Hill worked his way around Leach in the closing laps and claimed the feature victory.
Next week: Electric City Speedway is bringing the WISSOTA Late Models to town. Racing starting at 7:30 Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Night
WISSOTA Street Stock
Heat #1 – Cody Ryan, Donavon Sorenson, Brice Miesmer, Mikey Johnson, Terry Nelson, Casey Durand
Heat #2 – Ron Mattern, Troy Weninger, Cory Craver, Mark Mann, Bill Handel, Kaycie Kynett
Feature – Sorenson, Miesmer, Johnson, Mattern, Kynett, Handel, Mann, Nelson, Ryan, Weninger, Durand, Craver
WISSOTA Midwest Modified
Heat #1 – Marty Harvie, Greg Tacke, Ron Sasek, Michael Shure, Mike Pistelak, Jeremy Olds
Heat #2 – Paul Leach, Zach Olson, Jerry Sangrey Jr., Joey Tinker, Kody Harvie, Travis Cushman
Heat #3 – Kory Wermling, Tim McCune, John Price, Chris Hill, JJ Johnson, Bob Price, Michael Price
Feature – Leach, Wermling, Olson, Pistelak, Sasek, Hill, Sangrey Jr., Tinker, Cushman, Tacke, Shure, Olds, McCune, J. Price, Johnson, B. Price, K. Harvie, M. Price, M. Harvie
WISSOTA Super Stock
Heat – Pat LaMere, Casey Steffenson, Pacer Popham, Jake Tucker, Rich Wermling, Mike Pistelak, Wade Johnson, Shaun Crouch
Feature – Steffenson, Tucker, LaMere, Popham, Pistelak, Wermling, Johnson, Crouch

WISSOTA Modified
Heat #1 – Gary Hill, Jody Kropp, Mark Wermling, John Price, Patrick Wallace, Dave Dease
Heat #2 – Paul Leach, Chad Johnson, Kelly Blixt, Trent Guest, Rob Mahr
Feature – Leach, Wermling, Hill, Blixt, Dease, Price, Guest, Wallace, Kropp, Johnson, Mahr
Saturday Night
WISSOTA Street Stock
Heat #1 – Cody Ryan, Brice Miesmer, Bill Handel, Terry Nelson, Seth Beck, Ron Mattern
Heat #2 – Troy Weninger, Mark Mann, Connor Lorenz, Casey Durand, Mikey Johnson, Donavon Sorenson
Feature – Weninger, Ryan, Miesmer, Mattern, Lorenz, Handel, Mann, Beck, Nelson, Durand, Johnson, Sorenson
WISSOTA Midwest Modified
Heat #1 – Marty Harvie, Kory Wermling, Zach Olson, Ron Sasek, Jeremy Olds, John Price, Kody Harvie, Michael Shure
Heat #2 – Greg Tacke, Chris Hill, Paul Leach, Joey Tinker, Jerry Sangrey Jr., JJ Johnson, Bob Price, Tim McCune
Feature – Wermling, Olson, M. Harvie, Leach, Hill, Tacke, Olds, Sangrey Jr., K. Harvie, Sasek, Tinker, B. Price, Shure, McCune, Johnson, J. Price

WISSOTA Super Stock
Heat – Casey Steffenson, Pacer Popham, Beau Brown, Pat LaMere, Jake Tucker, Wade Johnson, Dolan Sevalstad
Feature – Steffenson, Popham, Tucker, LaMere, Brown, Johnson, Sevalstad

WISSOTA Modified

Heat #1 – Jody Kropp, Gary Hill, John Price, Chad Johnson, Kelly Blixt, Patrick Wallace
Heat #2 – Mark Wermling, Paul Leach, Dave Dease, Rob Mahr, Trent Guest
Feature – Hill, Leach, Kropp, Wermling, Price, Blixt, Guest, Wallace, Johnson, Dease, Mahr