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Gonzales Singlehandedly Takes on the “Deer Lodge Street Gang”

11 June 2011 | Featured News | |    

By Vikki Higginbotham

With the Big Sky Sprints on the card for Saturday’s events at Electric City Speedway the WISSOTA Super Stocks were given the night off.  With pitting conditions a little better than the previous week drivers still showed their cooperation in the change in pitting procedures to allow for the large haulers to use the infield pit area.

The Midwest Modifieds started the evening with two heats of cars.  Beau Brown brought out the first caution of the night with a spin.  In the second heat, Marty Harvie had mechanical issues in his heat and was done for the night.   As they were coming to the checkered flag Sean McBee and Aaron Liscum spun off turn four resulting in DNFs for both drivers.  Filling in for car owner/driver Paul Leach, Paul Donnelly claimed the victory.

The Sprints held some excitement as the starts of the heats were less than desirable for at least one of the front row starting cars.  In Heat 1, Jerry Brey spun in turn three and ended up being towed off the track with a broken right front axle.  Heat two had Damon McCune stalling in turn four.  Phil Dietz had to pull in for a right rear flat after incidents on the start caused it to go down.  David Hoiness had fans on their feet after he put his car into the turn one catch fence landing backwards and on the driver’s side.  A closed red flag was posted as track officials and safety crews extricated the wing from the fence and Carl’s Auto Care was able to get hooked up to the car.  Hoiness suffered a minor cut on his forehead, but the fence did its job keeping spectators and drivers in the upper pit safe.  Officials deemed a full restart.  Stephen Allard took off like a rocket and worked his way through lapped traffic.  With only four laps remaining in the event Jerry Brown Jr. brought out the only other caution in the feature.  With the caution tightening up the field Allard, Joe Ramaker, and Phil Dietz were the only drivers remaining on the lead lap and a four lap shootout ensued.  Unable to catch Allard, Ramaker and Dietz settled for second and third. 

Marvin Gonzales’ determination was high as anyone in Montana knows the guys to beat are Beau Brown, Paul Lease, Nick Hunter and Kenneth Hunter, A.K.A. the “Deer Lodge Street Gang”.  After having mechanical issues the previous evening Kenneth was unable to make the event, but the other three drivers took an early lead in the feature.  Closely following them was the 15 of Gonzales and the top four cars drove away from the remaining cars in the race.  Still the daunting task of victory lay ahead of Gonzales.  Through patience and persistence Gonzales worked his way through the field ahead of him for his second victory this season. 

The Not So Pure Stocks were ready for a challenge to see if there would be another name to add to the winners list or if a repeat winner would become victorious.  In the second heat race Stephan Foley ended up in the backstretch wall with the help of Brian Chaon.  Chaon was disqualified for rough driving and suffered a broken A-arm on the right front.  In the feature Matt O’Connell got turned in turn two and as drivers were attempting to slow down was hit in the right front ending his bid for a second win.  In a close three way battle, Kory Wermling was the first driver to claim multiple victories for the 2011 season. 

During the WISSOTA Modified’s single heat race, Jody Kropp lost an engine on the backstretch.  In the feature Paul Donnelly took the lead on the first lap and started to put a little distance on the field.  As laps started winding down Mark Wermling, Gary Hill, and Maurice Myre were hot on his tail.  A late race caution bunched the field back up and gave Wermling and Hill the opportunity they needed to work around Donnelly.  On the final lap Wermling claimed his second win in as many weeks with Hill right behind him.  Myre was penalized two positions for rough driving as he forced his way around Donnelly.  Myre’s finishing position was fifth behind Donnelly and Chad Johnson respectively. 

The WISSOTA Late Models are scheduled to race Father’s Day Weekend. 


WISSOTA Midwest Modified

Heat #1 – Sean McBee, Beau Brown, Aaron Liscum, Jerry Sangrey Jr., Mike Pistelak, Ron Sasek

Heat #2 – Paul Donnelly, Alan Adams, Jake Tacke, Joey Ray, Marty Harvie (DNF)

Feature – Paul Donnelly, Beau Brown, Mike Pistelak, Ron Sasek, Jake Tacke, Alan Adams, Joey Ray, Aaron Liscum (DNF), Sean McBee (DNF), Jerry Sangrey Jr. (DNF), Marty Harvie (DNS)

Big Sky Sprints

Heat #1 – Stephen Allard, Trever Kirkland, Jerry Brown Jr., Jeremy McCune, Joe Perry, Paxton Lambrecht, Chip Roe

Heat #2 – Joe Ramaker, Phil Dietz, David Hoiness, Randy Pierce, Damon McCune, Hunter McCune (DNF), Shane Moore (DNS)

Feature – Stephen Allard, Joe Ramaker, Phil Dietz, Trever Kirkland, Paxton Lambrecht, Jeremy McCune, Joe Perry, Randy Pierce, Jerry Brey, Chip Roe, Damon McCune, Jerry Brown Jr. (DNF), Shane Moore (DNF), Hunter McCune (DNF), David Hoiness (DNF)

WISSOTA Street Stock

Heat #1 – Paul Lease, Warren Samoy, Nick Hunter, Ron Mattern, Jeff Sekuterski, Kyle Jarvey

Heat #2 – Beau Brown, Troy Weninger, Marvin Gonzales, Michael Price, Bryant Kruckenberg

Feature – Marvin Gonzales, Paul Lease, Nick Hunter, Beau Brown, Jeff Sekuterski, Kyle Jarvey, Ron Mattern, Troy Weninger (DNF), Bryant Kruckenberg(DNF), Michael Price (DNF), Warren Samoy (DNF)


Not So Pure Stock

Heat #1 – Matt O’Connell, Cody Ryan, Kory Wermling, Patrick Harvie, JJ Johnson, Shannon Cote, Wendy Seaman

Heat #2 – Jeremy Ivie, Carl Sangrey, Rick White, Stephan Foley (DNF), Larry Gonzales (DNF), Brian Chaon (DQ)

Feature – Kory Wermling, Patrick Harvie, JJ Johnson, Jeremy Ivy, Larry Gonzales, Shannon Cote, Cody Ryan, Wendy Seaman, Rick White (DNF), Carl Sangrey (DNF), Stephan Foley, Matt O’Connell (DNF), Brian Chaon (DNS)

WISSOTA Modified

Heat – Paul Donnelly, Gary Hill, Maurice Myre, Jimmy Zaremski, Mark Wermling, Pat Wallace, Chad Johnson, David Azure, Jody Kropp (DNF)

Feature – Mark Wermling, Gary Hill, Paul Donnelly, Chad Johnson, Maurice Myre, David Azure, Jimmy Zaremski, Pat Wallace, Jody Kropp (DNS)