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Father and Son Win

28 May 2014 | Featured News | |    

Father and SonBy Vikki Higginbotham
May 23, 2014 – Friday night at the speedway began with a few laps by brothers JT and Mikey Johnson to honor their stepbrother Joseph Bussian (19) who passed away on May 16, 2014. The 2013 track champions were also recognized during intermission as Ron Mattern (WISSOTA Street Stock), Kory Wermling (WISSOTA Midwest Modified), Casey Steffenson (WISSOTA Super Stock) and Gary Hill (WISSOTA Modified) made their way to the flag stand gate to sign autographs for the kids.
The WISSOTA Street Stocks opened the night with their heat. Brice Miesmer and Ron Mattern battled in the heat race for the top spot. Miesmer came across the finish line just in front of Mattern. Miesmer was strong in the early laps of the feature as well, but Mattern claimed his first 2014 victory.
Running second for the evening the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds held two heats with Ron Sasek and Kory Wermling declared the heat victors. While coming to the checkered flag in the first heat Kody Harvie and Jeramy Myers came out of the final turn sideways. Harvie was able to straighten out but Myers went head on into the inside wall on the front stretch. During the feature Wermling worked his way to the front of the field. Wermling held strong throughout the race and took the checkers ahead of the rest.
Caution free heats greeted the WISSOTA Super Stocks. Dolan Sevalstad, Beau Brown and Curt Popham were the top dogs in the heat races. Fifteen drivers started the feature. Multiple cautions plagued the event. A Green White Checkered finish reset the field for the final laps. Casey Steffenson led Beau Brown and Pat LaMere to the finish and added another victory to his trophy case.
Closing out the evening the IMCA Modifieds ran a single 7 car heat race. Mark Wermling grabbed the heat victory over Gary Hill and Jody Kropp finishing second and third respectively. In the feature, Wermling jumped out to a strong early lead. Putting more track between himself and the field there seemed to be no stopping Wermling. A caution for Beau Brown reset the field with Gary Hill and Jody Kropp restarting directly behind Wermling. Seeking an opportunity Hill got around Wermling but it was short lived. Wermling proved too strong and claimed his first IMCA victory of 2014.
Upcoming Events – Friday, May 30, 2014 – Diggin’ in the Dirt – Kid’s Money Dig with the WISSOTA Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks and IMCA Modifieds

Heat – Brice Miesmer, Ron Mattern, KJ Hunter, Taylor Falkenhagen, Bill Handel, Frank Pearson, Mikey Johnson, Kelan Kropp, Jeremy Weber
Feature – Mattern, Pearson, Handel, Falkenhagen, Miesmer, Weber, Kropp, Hunter, Johnson
Heat #1 – Ron Sasek, Marvin Gonzales, JJ Johnson, Kody Harvie, Jeramy Myers, Bob Price
Heat #2 – Kory Wermling, Zach Olson, Jake Tucker, Jerry Sangrey Jr., John Price, Joey Price, Michael Price
Feature – Wermling, Gonzales, Sangrey Jr., Tucker, Sasek, Harvie, Johnson, B. Price, Olson, John Price, Joey Price, Myers, M. Price
Heat #1 – Dolan Sevalstad, Pat LaMere, Mike Pistelak, Terry Nelson, Clay Irwin
Heat #2 – Beau Brown, Casey Steffenson, Paul Lease, Nick Hunter, Ty Clemens
Heat #3 – Curt Popham, Pacer Popham, Joey Price, Matt O’Connell, Shawn Schroeder
Feature – Steffenson, Brown, LaMere, P. Popham, C. Popham, Lease, Sevalstad, Pistelak, Irwin, Nelson, Schroeder, Hunter, Price, Clemens, O’Connell
Heat – Mark Wermling, Gary Hill, Jody Kropp, John Price, Beau Brown, Patrick Wallace, Joey Price
Feature – Wermling, Kropp, Hill, Brown, Wallace, John Price, Joey Price