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Electric City Speedway Hosts the AMSIOL Qualifiers

06 August 2012 | Featured News | |    


By Vikki Higginbotham

Saturday night at the speedway had a few extra drivers in attendance as it was the WISSOTA/Amsoil Qualifier events in the Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks, and Modifieds.  Winners of the feature events are given the opportunity to run the Race of Champions race at the WISSOTA 100 in Huron, South Dakota in mid-September.

First up for the evening were the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds.  Three heats ran caution free as Patrick Harvie, Jerry Sangrey Jr., and Doug LaPierre captured the top spots.  The feature held heartbreak for Mike Pistelak when he lost on engine entering turn one and caught fire on the backstretch resulting in a red flag for the field.  Chris Hill also had engine troubles as Doug LaPierre was taking the white flag.  For another night this season LaPierre stood victorious.

Curt Popham took the first of two heats in the WISSOTA Super Stocks.  The second heat was restarted after track officials didn’t like the initial start.  Rich Wermling had mechanical issues that had him out of the heat early.  Ty Clemens won the second heat.  After three cautions for spins in the feature the yellow and black were displayed informing drivers any more cautions and the person responsible would be watching the end of the race from the pits.  Curt Popham had a spin in turn two and had to watch his brother Pacer take another checkered flag this season.

Gary Hill had engine trouble in the first heat for the WISSOTA Modifieds while Mark Wermling was victorious.  Dave Azure took the second heat.  A spin by Sean Higginbotham on the start of the feature brought out the first caution.  Higginbotham’s luck turned south a couple laps later when something broke sending him into the backstretch wall and ending his evening in the back of the wrecker.  Another caution flew bringing out the yellow and black warning.  Sean McBee and Maurice Myre were both sent to the pit area for causing two separate incidents.  The final restart resulted in a Green-White-Checkered finish and Mark Wermling brought home the victory ahead of Dave Azure and John Price.

Cody Ryan and Marvin Gonzales won in their respective heats for the WISSOTA Street Stocks.  During the feature Bill Handel was victim to a huge pileup coming out of turn four.  Proving strong this week, Troy Weninger brought his #20 to victory lane in a close final lap battle with Cody Ryan.  Point leader Marvin Gonzales lost some of his points lead to Weninger after having difficulties in the event.

Next week:  The regular classes of WISSOTA Street Stock, Midwest Modified, Super Stock and Modified will take to the track.

Quigley’s North American Sprint Tour returns to Great Falls on August 15, 2012 and August 18, 2012.  The Street Stocks and Supers will be in attendance both nights and Modifieds are set to join them on the 18th.  Go to for details on tickets.



WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Heat #1 – Patrick Harvie, Ron Sasek, Paul Donnelly, Tim McCune, Taylor Falkenhagen, JJ Johnson

Heat #2 – Jerry Sangrey Jr., Chris Hill, Mike Pistelak, Ronnie Harvie, Jerry Hill

Heat #3 – Doug LaPierre, Zach Olson, Jake Tacke, Michael Shure, Bob Price

Feature – LaPierre, Sangrey Jr., Donnelly, Olson, McCune, R. Harvey, Falkenhagen, P. Harvie, Sasek, Shure, Johnson, C. Hill, Pistelak, Tacke, J. Hill, B. Price

WISSOTA Super Stocks

Heat #1 – Curt Popham, Pacer Popham, Casey Steffenson, Pat LaMere, Rowdy Gillen, Jake Tucker, Mike Pistelak

Heat #2 – Ty Clemens, John Lighthizer, Chuck Fleming, Sharid Lee, Alex Wermling, Shaun Crouch, Rich Wermling

Feature – P. Popham, Lee, Clemens, LaMere, Tucker, Steffenson, Lighthizer, R. Wermling, Gillen, Crouch, C. Popham, A. Wermling, Pistelak, Fleming

WISSOTA Modifieds

Heat #1 – Mark Wermling, John Price, Sean McBee, Pat Wallace, Gary Hill

Heat #2 – Dave Azure, Jerry Baertsch, Sean Higginbotham, Paul Donnelly, Maurice Myre

Feature – Wermling, Azure, Price, Wallace, Myre, McBee, Baertsch, Higginbotham, Hill, Donnelly

WISSOTA Street Stock

Heat #1 – Cody Ryan, Donavon Sorenson, Bill Handel, Troy Weninger, Jeff Sekuterski, Brad Norris, Curt Beck

Heat #2 – Marvin Gonzales, Ron Mattern, Stephan Foley, Frank Pearson, Kory Wermling, Mark Mann

Feature – Weninger, Ryan, Norris, Wermling, Pearson, Mattern, Gonzales, Mann, Handel, Foley, Beck, Sekuterski, Sorenson