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Electric City Speedway Hosts Quigley’s NSA Sprint Shootout

15 August 2013 | Featured News, Headlines | |    

08-09-2013 - Street Stock Winner - Donavon Sorenson xx
By Vikki Higginbotham
This past weekend was full of racing in the Electric City as Quigley’s NSA Sprint Shootout returned for another year. Friday night they were joined by the WISSOTA Street Stocks and WISSOTA Super Stocks. The WISSOTA Street Stocks and WISSOTA Modifieds raced with them on Saturday night.
Cody Ryan and Ron Mattern took the heat victories both nights. In the Friday night feature, Bill Handel spun in turn two and collected Ron Mattern and Tom Miesmer. Multiple cautions caused the black and yellow warning. Donavon Sorenson worked his way to the lead and captured another win.
On Saturday, Ron Mattern and Cody Ryan battled their way to the front and continually kept fans on their feet. Ryan would get up along the side Mattern lap after lap but ran out of laps. Mattern crossed the finish just ahead of Ryan.
Friday night’s Super Stocks ran a single heat with Pat LaMere victorious. In the feature, Pacer Popham lost control in turns three and four and came in contact with the infield tires. Popham’s bid for a win was cut short as he was unable to continue the event. Casey Steffenson caused two cautions for spins and was also removed from the race. Starting on the pole, John Lighthizer took off without looking back and took the feature win.
Saturday’s Modifieds had Gary Hill and Mark Wermling finishing at the top of the heat races. Any chance of a feature victory for Wermling, Kelly Blixt and Paul Leach was dashed when Patrick Wallace spun in front of the field in the early laps. All three drivers had severe damage to their cars and were unable to continue competing. Five cautions plagued the feature. Joey Price was victorious in the feature.
Nineteen Sprint cars arrived Friday for the event. Trever Kirkland, Vernon Hill and Joe Ramaker took the heat races. After a four wide parade lap all nineteen cars started the feature event. Around the mid-point, Mark Sweet, Calvin Fitch and Alan Michael got tangled in turn three bringing out the only red flag of the weekend. Track officials and safety crews worked to get them apart for some time but no major damage was created even though Sweet and Fitch had right rear tires of their competitors stuck inside their cockpit entrances. Both were able to continue the event. Michael didn’t return to the track after pitting to get his car checked out. The feature was all “Smokin’” Joe Ramaker.
Saturday’s heats were won by Paxton Lambrecht, Trever Kirkland and Phil Dietz. Two simple cautions occurred during the feature. The event was all Dietz’s though as he pulled out to the front early and kept the lead through slower traffic. In the closing laps Kirkland was reeling Dietz in but ran out of laps allowing for Dietz to claim the victory.
Friday, August 16, 2013 – RESCHEDULED – Celebration of Life Event and a Super Street Stock event with a larger purse going to the WISSOTA Street Stock victor.
The WISSOTA Late Models return on August 23, 2013.
August 31, 2013 & September 1, 2013 – The Annual Fall Montana Round Up – Sprints will join the WISSOTA Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks and Modifieds for the final racing event in the Electric City for 2013. Track Champions will be decided on September 1, 2013.
WISSOTA Street Stocks
Heat #1 – Cody Ryan, Troy Weninger, Tom Miesmer, Brice Miesmer, Kyle Jarvey, Terry Nelson, Donavon Sorenson
Heat #2 – Ron Mattern, Matt O’Connell, Frank Pearson, Bill Handel, JJ Johnson, Del Voss
Feature – Sorenson, Ryan, Handel, B. Miesmer, Mattern, Pearson, Nelson, Voss, Jarvey, Johnson, Weninger, O’Connell, Miesmer
WISSOTA Super Stocks
Heat – Pat LaMere, Pacer Popham, Casey Steffenson, Chuck Fleming, John Lighthizer, Clay Irwin, Jake Tucker, Josh Aho, Alex Wermling
Feature – Lighthizer, LaMere, Tucker, Aho, Fleming, Irwin, Steffenson, Popham, Wermling
Sprints – Joe Ramaker
Heat #1 – Ron Mattern, Donavon Sorenson, Troy Weninger, Bill Handel, Kyle Jarvey, Mark Mann, Cory Craver
Heat #2 – Cody Ryan, Frank Pearson, Terry Nelson, Pat LaMere, Brice Miesmer, JJ Johnson
Feature – Mattern, Ryan, Weninger, Sorenson, Craver, Miesmer, Jarvey, Handel, LaMere, Mann, Nelson, Johnson, Pearson
WISSOTA Modifieds
Heat #1 – Gary Hill, Jeremy Meirhofer, Jody Kropp, Kelly Blixt, Paul Leach, Chad Johnson, Rob Mahr
Heat #2 – Mark Wermling, Joey Price, David Azure, Patrick Wallace, Dana Lerum, John Price, Sean McBee
Feature – Joey Price, Meirhofer, Hill, Kropp, Johnson, McBee, Lerum, Wallace, Azure, John Price, Mahr, Blixt, Wermling, Leach
Sprints – Phil Dietz
Mountain Country Quarter Midgets
The kids of the Mountain Country Quarter Midgets returned to the Electric City for a scheduled two day event. After a successful Saturday event they went up to Electric City Speedway to display their cars and a little fund raising. This was the first time some of the kids got to see the progress being made on their permanent track that is currently under construction. As the stock car racing was just finished the sky let loose with heavy rainfall in a short period of time. The temporary track in the Westgate Mall Parking Lot couldn’t withstand the storm and flooded with the deluge of water that dropped. The storm managed to take away a couple of pieces of their wall.
When Sunday morning arrived the lot was still a mess and it was decided to cancel the Sunday racing. Their next event is this weekend at BMP Speedway in Billings. They return to the Electric City Labor Day Weekend.

Jr. Novice – Delanie Sand, Dana Lerum

Jr. Honda – Ian Myers, Dayton Liscum, Rhylee Geiss

Sr. Novice – Austin Leach, Gavin Leach, Haley Sand, Josh Nelson, RJ Pachek, Holter Sand

Sr. Animal – Tanner Geiss, Kolby Hannah, Riley Wolfe, Aidan Steber

Sr. Honda – David Maclay, Aidan Steber, Kolby Hannah, Mikey Leach, Cody Blixt, Riley Wolfe

Heavy Honda -Tanner Geiss