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Electric City Speedway Hosts a Sunday “Teaser” Race

26 April 2012 | Featured News | |    

Electric City Speedway Hosts a Sunday “Teaser” Race

By Vikki Higginbotham

Track promoters Dan and Barbara Mann opened the gates to Electric City Speedway with a Sunday afternoon “Teaser” race this past weekend.  As a special to fans in the grandstands there was no fee for the spectators.  When the racing wrapped up fans saw some great racing action, got a little sunburned and are geared up for the 2012 racing season.

The Official season opener is scheduled for April 27, 2012 and April 28, 2012.  Our “Montana Spring Roundup” will include Street Stock, Mid-West Modifieds, Super Stock, and Modifieds running both nights.  Pit Gate opens at 5:00 pm with a $25.00 entry fee each night of the Roundup.

Grandstand admission will be Adult $10.00, Youth $7.00, Child 6-12 $1.00 & Under 6 & 70+ free.

With the elimination of the Not So Pure Stock class the WISSOTA Street Stocks have become a little more populated.  Starting the afternoon with two heats Marvin Gonzales successfully battled with Beau Brown to take the first heat.  The second heat hosted the remaining Deer Lodge guys as Paul Lease held off Nick Hunter for the top spot.  In the feature Lease took an early lead from Gonzales and managed to keep Hunter behind him in the closing laps for his first victory this season.

The WISSOTA Mid-West Modifieds followed the Street Stocks in the running order.  Ron Sasek and Joey Tinker claimed victories in their heat races.  Joey Tinker and Tim McCune had a great battle going in the early laps.  Aaron Liscum kept a comfortable third looking for his opportunity to capitalize on the battle for the lead.  A caution coming out when Tinker ended up spun and broke in turn four shut the door on Liscum though.  McCune held Chris Hill and Aaron off for the victory.

Keeping with the slow to fast format the five WISSOTA Super Stocks of Pat LaMere, Jake Tucker, Casey Steffenson, Chad Bykonen and Mike Pistelak took their time on the track.  Steffenson was on a roll holding off LaMere in the Heat.  During the feature the five cars had spread out with Steffenson leading LaMere and Tucker until Bykonen spun in turn one.  This regrouped the field and gave Pistelak a chance to get around LaMere.  Steffenson wasn’t looking back though and captured the checkers.

The WISSOTA Modifieds ran two heats as well.  Kasey Brown and Gary Hill were victorious in these.  The feature held a few single car spins.  Brown had a spin in turn two that put him to the back of the field.  Dave Azure brought out the next to last caution when his car lost some rear suspension parts on the front stretch.  On the restart at lap 14 the field piled up on the front stretch.  Track officials declared Gary Hill the victor as more than half the field was involved in the tangled mess.  The cars of Sean McBee and Kasey Brown had to have safety crews assist in removing Brown’s right front from under McBee’s left rear quarter panel. 

All in all it was a great day of racing and an opportunity for drivers to get the bugs out before the official season opener on Friday and Saturday nights this week.



WISSOTA Street Stock

Heat #1 – Marvin Gonzales, Beau Brown, Brad Norris, John Johnson, Ron Weber, Paul Lande

Heat #2 – Paul Lease, Nick Hunter, Jeff Sekuterski, Cody Ryan, Kyle Jarvey, Kory Wermling, Kenneth Hunter, Ron Mattern

Feature – Lease, N. Hunter, Sekuterski, Lande, Jarvey, Johnson, Brown, Mattern, Ryan, K. Hunter, Norris, Wermling, Weber, Gonzales


WISSOTA Midwest Modified


Heat #1 – Ron Sasek, Tim McCune, Chris Hill, Dave McCune, Jake Tacke, Doug Lapierre

Heat #2 – Joey Tinker, Jerry Sangrey Jr., Aaron Liscum, Beau Brown, Ron Harvie, Joey Price

Feature – T. McCune, Hill, Liscum, Brown, Sasek, Tacke, Harvie, D. McCune, Lapierre, Price, Tinker, Sangrey Jr.


WISSOTA Super Stock

Heat – Casey Steffenson, Pat LaMere, Mike Pistelak, Jake Tucker, Chad Bykonen

Feature – Steffenson, Pistelak, LaMere, Tucker, Bykonen


WISSOTA Modified


Heat #1 – Kasey Brown, Joey Price, Paul Leach, Sean McBee, John Price, Sean Higginbotham

Heat #2 – Gary Hill, Chad Johnson, Kenny Baumann, Dave Azure, Pat Wallace

Feature – Hill, Joey Price, Leach, Johnson, McBee, Baumann, Brown, John Price, Wallace, Azure, Higginbotham