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Electric City Speedway Hosts 2 Day Fireball Special

09 July 2014 | Featured News | |    

Frank Pearson xBy Vikki Higginbotham
Thursday, July 3, 2014 & Friday, July 4, 2014 – Electric City Speedway celebrated America’s Independence with two nights of action. Mother Nature had minor issues on Thursday, but after a brief delay racing resumed. Friday the grandstands were packed as fans arrived to see great racing action and enjoy the panoramic view of the city and all the fireworks. The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds paid tribute with three wide parade laps carrying American flags and the POW/MIA flag just after intermission to start of the Independence Day features.
Ron Mattern captured the heat victory on both nights in the WISSOTA Street Stocks. On Thursday, Mattern was going for the lead when he blew a right side tire that had him taken out of contention. Frank Pearson and Brice Miesmer battled closely throughout the event. When the final flag flew 69-year-old Pearson grabbed his first victory of the season with Miesmer finishing second. Saturday was a new day for Mattern as he dominated the caution free feature event.
The holiday action was in full force in the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds. Thursday’s heat winners were Kory Wermling and Zach Olson. Ron Sasek took his car to the lead in the feature. On lap thirteen, while attempting a pass on Sasek, Paul Leach spun bringing out the only caution of the night. Sasek brought his #50 to victory lane for the first time in 25 years just two days after turning 50-years-old.
Friday night brought three heats with Cody Kuglin, Kory Wermling, and Paul Leach taking the victories. In the feature, the yellow/black caution rule was put into effect with eighteen laps complete and Marvin Gonzales was set to bring the field to a green-white-checkered finish. Gonzales took the white ahead of the field, but went into turn three a little too hard. Sasek clipped Gonzales on his way through. With the field still grouped up from the restart and it being the last lap things went from bad to worse for Gonzales. With nowhere to go to avoid impact Kory Wermling made contact with Gonzales. This sent his car airborne and into a roll. Once he landed Gonzales had fire shooting out of the engine compartment and the race was red flagged. Officials were able to get him out of the car without injury. Since it was the final lap and the caution was caused by the leader, the official decision came down that Ron Sasek was the winner. They had to go down to the last completed lap as many of the front runners suffered damage in the Gonzales wreck.
Casey Steffenson and Cody Ryan were on top in the WISSOTA Super Stocks on Thursday night in the heats. A single caution on the second lap had drivers racing for positions in the feature. Pacer Popham found his way to the front and victory number one for 2014. Chuck Fleming and Casey Steffenson claimed Friday’s heats. The feature held a few more cautions and drivers received the yellow/black warning. Popham claimed his second win of the holiday just as the city’s fireworks display was about to start.
The IMCA Modifieds came out for the holiday as well. Thursday’s heat races went to Stewart Hayward and Gary Hill. When the white flag flew for the feature Marty Harvie had a lead on Mark Wermling. By the time they reached the checkers however, Wermling had made his way around Harvie on the backstretch to take the victory. On Friday Wermling and Joey Price claimed the heats. In the feature, Jack Norris took the early lead. Norris’ night was ended short when he went too high on the front stretch and clipped the wall. Mark Wermling was once again in victory lane closing out his double for the holiday.
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Thursday, July 3, 2014
WISSOTA Street Stocks
Heat – Ron Mattern, Brice Miesmer, Bill Handel, Cory Craver, Frank Pearson, Kelan Kropp, Ron Weber, Jeremy Weber
Feature – Pearson, Miesmer, R. Weber, Kropp, Handel, Craver, Mattern, J. Weber

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Heat #1 – Kory Wermling, Joey Price, Paul Leach, Ron Sasek, JJ Johnson, John Price, Michael Shure
Heat #2 – Zach Olson, Marvin Gonzales, Cody Kuglin, Joey Tinker, Bob Price, Jeremy Ivie, Kody Harvie
Feature – Sasek, Gonzales, Wermling, Olson, Leach, John Price, Tinker, Kuglin, Shure, Ivie, Johnson, B. Price, K. Harvie, Joey Price
WISSOTA Super Stock
Heat #1 – Casey Steffenson, Clay Irwin, Mike Pistelak, Pat LaMere, Terry Nelson, Fred Hansen
Heat #2 – Cody Ryan, Pacer Popham, Curt Popham, Matt O’Connell, Chuck Fleming, Jerry Hill
Feature – P. Popham, Pistelak, O’Connell, C. Popham, Irwin, Steffenson, LaMere, Hill, Ryan, Fleming, Nelson, Hansen
IMCA Modifieds
Heat #1 – Stewart Hayward, Marty Harvie, Mark Wermling, Joey Price, Paul Leach, Daniel Waldemar
Heat #2 – Gary Hill, David Azure, John Price, Pat Wallace, Tommy Eubank, Jack Norris
Feature – Wermling, Harvie, Hayward, Leach, Hill, Azure, John Price, Wallace, Waldemar, Eubank, Norris, Price
Friday, July 4, 2014
WISSOTA Street Stocks
Heat – Ron Mattern, Brice Miesmer, Bill Handel, Kelly Friede, Kelan Kropp
Feature – Mattern, Handel, Kropp, Friede, Miesmer
WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Heat #1 – Cody Kuglin, Marvin Gonzales, Ron Sasek, Mike Pistelak, Joey Tinker, JJ Johnson
Heat #2 – Kory Wermling, Michael Shure, Patrick Harvie, Jeramy Myers, Jeremy Ivie
Heat #3 – Paul Leach, Zach Olson, Jeremy Olds, CJ Thom, John Price
Feature – Sasek, Leach, Wermling, Olson, Kuglin, Shure, Myers, Thom, Gonzales, Harvie, Price, Olds, Pistelak, Ivie, Johnson, Tinker
WISSOTA Super Stocks
Heat #1 – Chuck Fleming, Cody Ryan, Joey Price, Clay Irwin, Curt Popham, Fred Hansen
Heat #2 – Casey Steffenson, Pacer Popham, Matt O’Connell, Pat LaMere, Mike Pistelak
Feature – P. Popham, Steffenson, LaMere, C. Popham, Pistelak, O’Connell, Fleming, Ryan, Irwin, Price, Hansen
IMCA Modifieds
Heat #1 – Mark Wermling, David Azure, Paul Leach, Jack Norris, John Price, Patrick Wallace
Heat #2 – Joey Price, Gary Hill, Stewart Hayward, Marty Harvie, Daniel Waldemar
Feature – Wermling, Harvie, Joey Price, John Price, Azure, Wallace, Norris, Leach, Waldemar, Hayward, Hill