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Event Procedures

The Race Director or Techman shall be empowered to permit minor deviation from any of the specifications herein or impose any further restrictions that in his opinion do not alter the minimum acceptable requirements. No Expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from such alteration of specifications. Any interpretations or deviation of these rules is left to the discretion of the officials. Decisions of the race officials are final, binding, and non-appealable.



1. Driver Responsibility. The driver is responsible for the actions of his pitcrew and family in all respects. The driver shall be the sole spokesperson for his/her car owner and pit crew in any and all matters, and must talk with the track official in charge regarding their conduct or behavior.

2. Car Numbers -There will be no duplicate numbers allowed in any class. Numbers are reserved on a first registered, first saved basis. If you were registered last year, your number is safe until March 15th, there after it is up for use by another racer. Anyone who refuses to change his or her number will not be scored.

3. PIT PARKING The parking of race cars and pit equipment will be on a first come first served basis. Further restrictions may be required for special events. No trucks or trailers will be allowed to leave the infield pit area until after the last checkered flag is waved on the last car of the last event.
Please take all broken, bent or destroyed parts and refuse home with you. PACK IT IN, PACK IT OUT. Thanks! Please be kind and help keep costs down.

The Speedway will provide (you are NOT purchasing insurance) each participant accident insurance coverage while signed into the pit area. In summary, the insurance provides each participant accident benefit up to $10,000.00; with death and dismemberment’s benefits up to $5,000.00. These benefits do not apply to injuries sustained in non-accidental occurrences such as fighting. Participants must report any injury sustained in the pit area or on the track to the ambulance technicians immediately.

5. EVENT SCHEDULE All events will be conducted by a pre-planned schedule. There will be no hotlaps unless there is sufficient time after completion of packing the track. The National Anthem will be played at the scheduled time with the drivers who will be competing in the first event strapped in their cars with the engine off in respect for the FLAG. (Schedule Posted)

6. SAFETY. Neck Brace strongly recommended in all classes. Fire extinguisher required in each pit or on board each car. Pit Speed limit is 5 MPH. Speeding will result in a penalty. Standing in an unprotected area or refusing to move from a dangerous area after being told to do so by management will result in a fine. Track Entrance: Drivers may only reenter the track only under Yellow Flag conditions. Accident: In the event you are involved in an accident, only one person from the pit crew will be allowed on the track. If you are involved in an accident, the event will not be delayed while you make repairs.

7. PAYOFF, POINT SYSTEM All races will be awarded points based on the Sanction body point system. All trophies, and points in sanctioned classes will be awarded to the driver of the car and prize money to the owner.  The payoff for an event will be the posted payoff except in the case of weather or other special situation. The payoff will be available at the pit booth one week after the event

8. TIRE RULES as prescribed by the sanctioning body.

9. WEATHER OR EMERGENCY. Generally, completion of the heat races will constitute a complete event unless otherwise determined by track management. When a race program is ended prematurely, the pit pass fee will be considered “used” if all heat races have been completed. Feature races will be run the next following regular race event. No cash refunds for pit passes under any circumstances.

10. PACKING THE TRACK: It is the driver’s responsibility to be at the track and unloaded, ready to pack the track when so instructed by the Race Director. Each car is expected to pack the track for at least 15 minutes. If you do not enter the track for packing 5 minutes after the drivers meeting, you will be penalized. If you are scheduled to start at the back of the track and you fail to pack you will be penalized. Penalty: For failure to pack the track on an equal basis with other racers you will start at the back of the pack and a fine of 50% of their winnings up to $40 at the payoff and/or up to zero points awarded for that event.

11. LINE UP, STARTS & RESTARTS. The line up for the Feature will be determined per the sanctioning body rules. All Sanctioned class drivers must show their license to draw. Drawings will be held at the pit office and will close 45 minutes before race time Line up for the heat races will be by draw. Management may make changes in this procedure for special events.
Staging for the line up: Cars will be in position ready to enter the track when the white flag of the current race comes out: Cars will be in position ready to enter the track as the victory lap is completed. Cars late for the line up of their event will enter the race the way they enter the track. There will be NO PACE LAP. Drivers should be prepared to race the first time by the flag stand.
Starts: All classes will start by the signal of the Flagman. All cars must pass to the outside of a cone placed on the front stretch (if it is in use). Anyone who runs inside the cone or over the cone may be charged with causing a restart and/or 50% of their winnings up to $40.00.
Restarts: Laps under the yellow do not count. A lap will be considered complete when the leader has crossed the start finish line except for the first lap which shall not be considered complete until all cars have pasted the start/finish line. On restart the line up will be determined by the last completed lap. Lapped cars will be placed at the back of the field. Re-lineup will be single file.


Yellow Flag: All cars are required to slow down immediately upon seeing the caution light or flag and fall into position. No, passing, stopping or racing to the starting line on a yellow. Cars found to be passing or otherwise messing up the lineup may be put to the back of the pack.

Intentional Yellow: If you spin out or stop and intentionally cause a yellow flag or a restart, you may be disqualified.

Red Flag: In the event of a red flag, the red light will be displayed and all cars will stop safely away from the problem area. No work may be done on the track. Cars may go to the pits without loosing their position on a red provided they return to the track before the official calls them to take their position on the restart. In the event cars that have gone to the pits reenter the track after the cars have started forming the new line up they will be put to the back of the pack in the manner they re-enter the track.

White Flag: One lap to go. In the event that the White Flag has been displayed and for any reason the track is blocked by an accident or some other problem, the payoff and points may be made using the order the cars crossed the finish line on the last complete lap except that the car or cars causing the blockage on accident shall be scored at the end of the lap they were running on and if there are multiple cars, they will be placed at the end of the lap in the order they stopped.

Black Flag: A black flag is a consultation flag and will be given whenever it is determined that a competitor must go to the pits for consultation with an official concerning a sportsmanship issue or mechanical. Anyone who races more than two laps after having received a black flag may be fined $10.00 per lap beginning with the first lap after the black flag was given. Drivers who receive a black flag and refuse to stop racing and cause the race to be stopped may be fined up to $100.00. Anyone who approaches the flag stand, physically or verbally after receiving a Black Flag will be fined $50.00 Minimum.