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Donnelly Takes Two, Lemley Three-Peats

11 June 2012 | Featured News | |    

Donnelly Takes Two, Lemley Three-Peats at Electric City Speedway
By Vikki Higginbotham
After a tough weather week in Great Falls, Montana Electric City Speedway had to say farewell to a familiar face. Tuesday evening’s tornado warnings carried with them high winds and the tall wooden fence in turns three and four couldn’t hold up. “Smiley” suffered damage along with the rest of the fence. Though he is no longer standing in the center of the turn, he will be back later in the season.
It was a strange feeling when looking toward the East and not seeing “Smiley” Saturday night when the Big Sky Sprints returned to Electric City Speedway. Running with them were the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, Street Stocks and Modifieds.
When a class grows to the point of needing a B-Main things can get a little exciting. This happened with the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds as three heats set the field for the feature event. Ronnie Harvie, Zach Olson, and Mike Pistelak were victorious in caution free races securing their spots in the feature. With a Top 6 to transfer to the Feature the class started thirteen drivers fighting for position. A large wreck in turn three had Tommy Bush, Josh Olsen, and Taylor Falkenhagen out of the race. Dave McCune was charged with causing the incident.
With a restart ready to go, Aaron Liscum was penalized two positions for jumping the initial start of the race. Liscum took the penalty but it didn’t slow him down. Making his way back to the front after the restart he claimed the victory and advancing to the feature. Racing their way into the feature were Liscum, Alan Riley, Joey Tinker, Travis Cushman, Beau Brown and Jake Tacke.
Taking an early lead and gaining distance Zach Olson powered through the laps and cautions with the hopes of capturing a second win in as many weeks. Paul Donnelly wasn’t having any of Olson’s campaign. Working his way through traffic Donnelly closed the gap on Olson. As they were battling for the lead Olson drove a little too hard into turn two causing a single car spin and dashing his hopes at a win. Donnelly drove his way to the checkers.
Second on the card were the Big Sky Sprints. In the first heat Jerry Brown Jr. got tangled with another car that resulted in Brown rolling over in turn four. Vernon Hill captured the victory in that heat. The second heat had Mark Sweet spinning out on the start. Brock Lemley took the win. In the feature, Josh Ostermiller spun in the middle of turns three and four and Brian Brown & Shane Ainscough tangled on the backstretch. Phil Dietz dominated the feature as Lemley worked his way through the field. The caution for Brown/Ainscough was the break Lemley needed. Squeezing his way between the tires in three and those of Dietz, Lemley gained the lead in the final laps and snatched a three-peat victory for Peterson racing.
Paul Donnelly and Maurice Myre grasped the heat victories for the WISSOTA Modifieds. Starting on the outside pole Donnelly jumped to an early lead. After a few cautions for spins he was still maintaining his lead, but Chad Johnson and Jody Kropp were determined to grab the lead for themselves. The loss of a drive shaft took Kropp out of contention though. Sean McBee worked his way into second as Johnson slipped to fourth. The feature was all Donnelly and fans were greeted with a second trophy presentation for the driver.
The WISSOTA Street Stocks rounded out the heats and features. Victorious in the heats were fellow Deer Lodge drivers Paul Lease and Beau Brown. The feature ran for many laps caution free until Michael Price spun in turn two. A series of four more cautions in turns one and two followed preventing the completion of a single lap. Drivers were given the Green-White-Checkered order so fans could watch the finish of the feature under green flag conditions. Brown successfully grasped another victory this season.
Next week: The WISSOTA Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds, Super Stocks and Modifieds will run.
WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds
Heat #1 – Ronnie Harvie, Chris Hill, Jim Myre, Joey Ray, Michael Shure, Aaron Liscum, Taylor Falkenhagen, Josh Olsen
Heat #2 – Zach Olson, Ron Sasek, Tim McCune, Jerry Sangrey Jr., Alan Riley, Dave McCune, Tommy Bush, Bob Price
Heat #3 – Mike Pistelak, Paul Donnelly, Doug Lapierre, Patrick Harvie, Joey Tinker, Travis Cushman, Beau Brown, Jake Tacke, Jeramy Myers
B-Main – Liscum, Riley, Tinker, Cushman, Brown, Tacke, Shure, Myers, Price, Bush, Falkenhagen, Olsen, D. McCune
Feature – Donnelly, Pistelak, Lapierre, Liscum, Myre, Sasek, Riley, Olson, R. Harvie, Sangrey Jr., Tinker, Cushman, P. Harvie, T. McCune, Brown, Hill, Ray, Tacke

Big Sky Sprints
Heat #1 – Vernon Hill, Jerry Brey, Phil Dietz, Trever Kirkland, David Hoiness, Bill Boyce, Shane Ainscough, Jerry Brown Jr.
Heat #2 – Brock Lemley, Kelly Miller, Joe Ramaker, Josh Ostermiller, Joe Perry, Calvin Fitch, Mark Sweet, Brian Brown
Feature – Lemley, Dietz, Brey, Ramaker, Hoiness, Kirkland, Miller, Boyce, Ostermiller, Perry, Sweet, B. Brown, J. Brown Jr., Ainscough, Hill, Fitch

WISSOTA Modifieds
Heat #1 – Maurice Myre, John Price, Joey Price, Sean McBee, Dana Lerum, Jerry Baertsch, Paul Leach
Heat #2 – Paul Donnelly, Chad Johnson, Jody Kropp, Gary Hill, Justin Mann, Pat Wallace
Feature – Donnelly, McBee, Hill, Johnson, Myre, John Price, Joey Price, Mann, Wallace, Baertsch, Kropp, Lerum, Leach
WISSOTA Street Stocks
Heat #1 – Paul Lease, Ron Weber, Troy Weninger, Michael Price, Ron Imberi, Shannon Cote, Mikey Johnson
Heat #2 – Beau Brown, Nick Hunter, Brad Norris, Cody Ryan, Ron Mattern, Kory Wermling, Stephan Foley, Marvin Gonzales
Feature – Brown, Hunter, Norris, Lease, Weninger, Gonzales, Weber, Ryan, Mattern, Imberi, Foley, Wermling, Cote, Johnson, Price