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“Christmas in July” at Electric City Speedway

23 July 2011 | Featured News | |    

By Vikki Higginbotham

Electric City Speedway with the help of Captain Jack’s Restaurant in Helena, Montana welcomed the Big Sky Sprints, Not So Pure Stocks, WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds, and WISSOTA Super Stocks to “Christmas in July” on Saturday night in Great Falls, Montana.  Captain Jack’s owners, Kelly and Angela Blixt, provided t-shirts, gift certificates and even trophies for the top three in each feature event.  Along with the prizes they brought a couple of bus loads of employees and members of the Montana Army Guard 90 miles up the interstate for a night of celebration. 

The Not So Pure Stocks started the evening with two heats.  Cody Ryan, starting in the first heat, took an early lead that led him to victory despite the single caution that had two cars surviving a three wide battle for second down the front stretch.  Stephan Foley’s night ended with the incident.  Tom Miesmer was back in action after years of absence in the second heat.  Going from the back to the front and avoiding three cations Miesmer crossed the checkers in front of nephew Patrick Harvie.  Marcus Hunter had to pull off early for motor issues.  The feature event was all action as Miesmer took the lead yet again.  Kory Wermling worked his way through traffic and claimed the lead briefly.  Getting up in the marbles, Wermling kicked up some debris that snapped the belts on the engine ending his bid for a sixth victory.  As laps wound down, Bill Handel, Cody Ryan, and Tim Doyle battled for second place.  Miesmer developed overheating issues with two laps to go.  On the final lap Handel, Doyle, and Ryan battled through Miesmer’s smoke screen to finish in the top three spots.  Pulling off the track, Miesmer’s car caught fire and had to be extinguished by track officials and the Ulm Volunteer Fire Department.  After the night’s events track officials performed a tear down of Miesmer’s engine and found the motor to be within the legal parameters set forth in the class’ rules.

The WISSOTA Super Stocks ran two flawless heat races.  In the first heat, a three wide battle ensued in the final laps between Pat LaMere, Chuck Fleming, and Pacer Popham.  As the white flag flew it was still anyone’s race.  Pat LaMere managed to get a slight lead and the victory.  The second heat was dominated by Casey Steffenson who had taken the lead on the first lap coming out of turn two.  He pulled away from the field.  The feature had the evening red flagged when the 24c of Dolan Sevalstad slowed on the backstretch.  Fire crews were dispatched to put out another fire as Sevalstad scrambled out of the car.  Coming from a behind a mid pack starting position, Sharid Lee took the lead followed closely by Casey Steffenson and Pacer Popham.  As the laps wound down Steffenson and Popham battled behind Lee for second.  In what could be described as a photo finish, Popham was declared the second place finisher with Steffenson in third.  An after race incident had Steffenson disqualified for the race and Pat LaMere was given third place. 

David Hoiness and Phil Dietz were the victors in the two Big Sky Sprint Heats.  During the feature 14-year-old Damon McCune got up on the outside wall in turn three and finished with a flip in the middle of the corner.  The race was red-flagged while track officials and medical crews could get him into the ambulance.  Damon was checked out and released at the track.  Hoiness and Kirkland recorded DNF’s with tire damage after separate incidents while running in the top 3.  Joe Ramaker used a rim riding pass on a lap 16 restart to get by Alberta’s Kelly Miller and take the win.

The WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds rounded out the evening.  During the first heat Joey Ray and Mike Pistelak were involved in a tangle caused by Tim McCune that resulted in both cars attached and in need of wrecker assistance to continue.  Marty Harvie claimed the heat’s top spot.  Heat two had Jim Myre overheating and losing water.  Sean McBee took the second heat.  During the feature, Jeramy Myers a head on hit to the backstretch wall followed by the car spinning and backing into the wall.  Under red-flag conditions, paramedics tended to Myers on the track.  He was conscious and communicating with medical staff.  After the race resumed Myers was then transported to a local hospital for further observation.  Joey Ray and Jonathan Scarber were involved in an incident that resulted in Ray being disqualified for rough driving.  Kelly Blixt led most of the race, but the Ray/Scarber caution gave McBee the opportunity he needed to get to the front and claim his fourth victory of the season.


Not So Pure Stocks

Heat #1 – Cody Ryan, Kory Wermling, JJ Johnson, Tim Doyle, Bill Handel, Stephan Foley (DNF)

Heat #2 – Tom Miesmer, Patrick Harvie, Carl Sangrey, Cody Kuglin, Duane Azure, Greg Azure, Marcus Hunter (DNF)

Feature – Handel, Doyle, Ryan, Miesmer, O’Connell, D. Azure, Kuglin, G. Azure (DNF), Wermling (DNF), Harvie, Johnson (DNF), Sangrey (DNF), Foley (DNS), Hunter (DNS)

WISSOTA Super Stocks

Heat #1 – Pat LaMere, Chuck Flemming, Pacer Popham, Rowdy Gillen, Clay Irwin, Dolan Sevalstad

Heat #2 – Casey Steffenson, Jake Tucker, Mike Pistelak, Sharid Lee, Rich Wermling

Feature – Lee, Popham, LaMere, Flemming, Irwin, Pistelak, Gillen, Sevalstad (DNF), Wermling (DNF), Tucker (DNF), Steffenson (DQ)

Big Sky Sprints (Top 3 as results weren’t available at time of submission)

Heat #1 – David Hoiness, Trever Kirkland, Jerry Brey

Heat #2 – Phil Dietz, Kelly Miller, Joe Ramaker

Feature – Ramaker, Miller, Dietz

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds

Heat #1 – Marty Harvie, Kelly Blixt, Chris Hill, Tommy Eubank, Joey Ray, Michael Shure(DNF), Mike Pistelak (DNF)

Heat #2 – Sean McBee, Ron Sasek, Jerry Sangrey Jr., Jonathan Scarber, Zach Olson, Jake Tacke, Jim Myre (DNF)

Feature – McBee, Blixt, Harvie, Sasek, Scarber, Pistelak, Olson, Myre (DNF), Shure (DNF), Eubank (DNF), Tacke (DNF), Myers (DNF), McCune (DNF), Sangrey Jr. (DNS), Hill (DNS), Ray (DQ)