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Brown & Leach Three-Peat as Electric City Speedway Celebrates Our Nations Birthday

04 July 2011 | Featured News | |    

By Vikki Higginbotham

Clear skies and hot temperatures had fans searching for shade on Independence Day at Electric City Speedway as six classes were scheduled to run.  With full to bursting grandstands fans knew the track was the best place to see great racing action and a panoramic view of the fireworks throughout the city.

Starting strong in the Street Stock feature, Marvin Gonzales was determined to make a bid for his third victory this season and an attempt to upset the dominance of the Deer Lodge Street Gang.  However, Beau Brown and Paul Lease had other plans.  With four victories in the previous five races in the state, Beau Brown is dominating the Street Stock class.  Monday night was no exception as Brown claimed his fifth feature win and third in a row at the speedway.

The Modified feature hosted its second repeat winner in seven total events of the season.  After a couple of weeks of engine issues and with a new motor in the car, Gary Hill took the lead on the first lap and never looked back.  Joey Price kept up with Hill in the early laps, but damage to the right front had Price watching the final laps from the pits.  Dave Azure’s night was abruptly put to a halt as problems in the rear of the car had him backed into the front stretch wall.  Paul Donnelly also battled with engine issues throughout the night.

Kelly Hample was on a roll in his Late Model during both the heat and feature events.  Rock Degele, Chris Dunn and Jim Zaremski were strong competitors but Hample was unstoppable.  Hample has claimed both features titles this season.

Coming off a victory at Gallatin Speedway the Friday before, Ty Clemens was on a mission to sweep the Super Stocks in Montana.  However, a caution came out he lost a right front that had him shooting up the track into the outside wall in turn one.  After a quick pit to change the tire, Clemens had to go to the back of the field for the restart.  Sharid Lee crossed the checkers ahead of the rest for his second victory this season.  Clemens had to settle for a fourth place finish.  Mike Pistelak was disqualified in the feature for being too light on the scales.

A month and a half of bad luck and faster drivers has plagued Cody Ryan this season.  Turning seventeen on July 3rd Cody had plenty of fans giving him Birthday wishes of luck announced through the “rollover fund”.  The crowd went wild at the end of the feature as all the well wishing and some great driving by Cody had him victorious over his fellow competitors for a second time this season.  It appears the “kids” have the skills this season as Ryan, Kory Wermling, and Patrick Harvie have claimed seven of the eight possible victories.

With the final feature of the night yet to run, the Midwest Modified drivers took a few moments to honor our great nation and remember the troops.  In a three wide pack carrying “Old Glory” with Alan Adams carrying the POW/MIA flag at the front drivers proceeded to make laps to “God Bless America”.  Fans were on their feet, cheers were heard over the motors, and even a few eyes filled with tears as these laps were made.  As what has become the norm these days, there is always some loved one we think about that has served our great country or is currently serving away from home.  This year’s celebration allowed for everyone to remember and rejoice in the successes of our armed forces.  And the racing wasn’t done.  With the sky darkening and anticipation of the city’s fireworks show, fans had yet to see the Midwest Modifieds run their feature.  Aaron Liscum took the early lead, but was unable to hold off Paul Leach and Jeramy Myers throughout the event.  With just a few minutes to spare before the fireworks, Paul Leach claimed his third victory in as many weeks.  The speedway shut out the lights for the show and presented trophies afterwards.  This was a change from previous years as mother nature usually had the racing action interrupted for the show and resumed later. 


WISSOTA Street Stock

Heat #1 – Paul Lease, Warren Samoy, Troy Weninger, Dwayne Fowler, Jeff Sekuterski, Jim Davis, Bryant Kruckenberg

Heat #2 – Beau Brown, Marvin Gonzales, Nick Hunter, Jordan Tocci, Kyle Jarvey, Ron Mattern, Jim Mize

Feature – Brown, Lease, Gonzales, Samoy, Weninger, Tocci, Fowler, Davis, Mattern, Hunter, Sekuterski, Mize, Kruckenberg (DNF), Jarvey (DNF)

WISSOTA Modified

Heat #1 – Maurice Myre, Paul Leach, Mark Wermling, David Azure, Pat Wallace (DNF)

Heat #2 – Gary Hill, Chad Johnson, Joey Price, Jerry Baertsch, Paul Donnelly (DNF)

Feature – Hill, Johnson, Myre, Leach, Wermling, Baertsch, Donnelly (DNF), Wallace (DNF), Azure (DNF), Price (DNF)

WISSOTA Late Models

Heat – Kelly Hample, Rock Degele, Chris Dunn, Jim Zaremski, Dave Freeman, Jody Kropp, John Lighthizer, Steve Fowler, JD Olson (DNS)

Feature – Hample, Degele, Dunn, Zaremski, Kropp, Freeman, Lighthizer, Fowler, Olson (DNF)

WISSOTA Super Stocks

Heat #1 – Sharid Lee, Pacer Popham, Jake Tucker, Josh Aho, Alex Wermling, Dolan Sevalstad, Rowdy Gillen (DNF)

Heat #2 – Casey Steffenson, Ty Clemens, Rock Degele, Pat LaMere, Mike Pistelak, Dorn Jeske

Feature – Lee, LaMere, Popham, Clemens, Tucker, Steffenson, Degele, Jeske, Sevalstad, Aho (DNF), Gillen (DNF), Wermling (DNF), Pistelak (DQ)


Not So Pure Stocks

Heat #1 – Curt Beck, Bill Handel, Kory Wermling, Shannon Cote, JJ Johnson, Brian Chaon (DNF), Carl Sangrey (DNF)

Heat #2 – Tim Doyle, Stephan Foley, Matt O’Connell, Patrick Harvie, Cody Ryan, Rick White (DNF), Jeremy Ivie (DNF)

Feature – Ryan, O’Connell, Harvie, Foley, Doyle, Sangrey, Johnson, Cote, Wermling, Beck, White, Handel (DNF), Chaon (DNF), Ivie (DNF)

WISSOTA Midwest Modified

Heat #1 – Jeramy Myers, Kelly Blixt, Paul Leach, Joey Price, Joey Tinker, Marty Harvie, Jim Myre, Jake Tacke

Heat #2 – Sean McBee, Aaron Liscum, Chris Hill, Jerry Sangrey Jr., Alan Adams, Ron Sasek, Joey Ray, Beau Brown (DNF)

Feature – Leach, Myers, Liscum, McBee, Harvie, Blixt, Sasek, Myre, Sangrey Jr., Tinker, Adams, Tacke, Brown (DNF), Ray (DNF), Hill (DNF), Price (DNF)