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A Couple of Firsts

04 June 2012 | Featured News | |    

Electric City Speedway Had a Couple of Firsts for Its Drivers on Saturday
By Vikki Higginbotham
With the unpredictable Montana spring weather some folks were leery of whether or not Electric City Speedway would get in a night of racing. Putting an optimistic spin on things track promoter Dan Mann posted to his facebook page: “The Weatherman Says 60% chance of …………. RACE”. Heavy storm clouds loomed over the Electric City for the better part of the day. When it came time to open the gates there was still a slight chance of an isolated storm, but the drivers began arriving. As the pits were starting to fill, more and more blue replaced the gray. By race time it had warmed up a little and the sun was shining brightly.
First to run were the WISSOTA Modifieds. Two heats bearing only one caution had Chad Johnson and Joey Price claiming victory. The father/son team of John and Joey Price brought the field of eleven to the green flag in the feature. John got the early lead and held it for most of the event. Two separate cautions for spins in turns three and four weren’t slowing him down. As the laps wound down though John had Joey and Rookie Sean McBee were knocking on his door. Unable to hold them off, John had to settle for a third place finish. The final laps found Joey and McBee setting up for a great finish. Maneuvering his blue and orange 35 into the lead, Sean captured his first victory in six starts as a WISSOTA Modified.
The WISSOTA Street Stock heat number one had Marvin Gonzales holding off Ron Imberi and Ron Mattern in three wide battle through lapped traffic. Cody Ryan claimed the second heat. The first caution that flew resulted with three drivers stopped on the track in different areas. Another spin and a caution for debris were also called. Marvin Gonzales was on a hunt for victory moving through traffic from his eighth starting position. However, Brad Norris wouldn’t hear of it. Gonzales’ bid for victory was cut short as Norris captured the checkered flag.
Doug Lapierre and Zach Olson won heats one and two in the WISSOTA Modifieds. The third heat had Patrick Harvie and Jeramy Myers running side by side past the white flag. Digging a little too deep Myers spun in turn four allowing for Harvie to win. The feature had some great racing action as A and Z Motorsports teammates Aaron Liscum and Zach Olson worked their way up through the field. With less than five laps to go, Joey Price was leading as Olson negotiated his way in front of him. With the white flag in the air and one lap to go Price went into the final turn a little harder than needed and Liscum was able to follow his teammate for a second place finish. This was Zach’s first victory ever in a racecar.
Rounding out the evening the WISSOTA Super Stocks ran two heats with the Popham Brothers falling victorious. Curt in the first and Pacer in the second. Early laps of the feature were treacherous for Pacer as a spin in turns three and four had Mike Pistelak sliding into him rather hard. However, he was able to continue in the event. A series of spins had the caution flag flying many times throughout the event. John Lighthizer led a majority of the event until a racing incident caused him to get a flat tire. Pacer claimed his first victory of the season.
Next week: The Big Sky Sprints are in town along with the WISSOTA Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds and Modifieds.
WISSOTA Modifieds:
Heat #1 – Chad Johnson, Jody Kropp, John Price, Sean McBee, Paul Donnelly, Pat Wallace
Heat #2 – Joey Price, Gary Hill, Maurice Myre, Paul Leach, Dana Lerum
Feature – McBee, Joey Price, John Price, Myre, Kropp, Hill, Johnson, Leach, Donnelly, Wallace, Lerum
WISSOTA Street Stocks:
Heat #1 – Marvin Gonzales, Ron Imberi, Ron Mattern, Troy Weninger, Michael Price, JT Nor Runner, Brenton Collins, Kyle Jarvey, Stephan Foley
Heat #2 – Cody Ryan, Brad Norris, Kory Wermling, Jeff Sekuterski, Ron Weber, BJ Warehime, Bill Handel, TJ Martin, Mikey Johnson
Feature – Norris, Gonzales, Weninger, Warehime, Sekuterski, Ryan, Mattern, Foley, No Runner, Collins, Imberi, Martin, Price, Weber, Handel, Jarvey, Johnson, Wermling

WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds:
Heat #1 – Doug Lapierre, Ron Sasek, Jim Myre, Dave McCune, Josh Olsen, Taylor Falkenhagen
Heat #2 – Zach Olson, Joey Price, Joey Ray, Chris Hill, Tim McCune, Bob Price
Heat #3 – Patrick Harvie, Aaron Liscum, Jake Tacke, Ronnie Harvie, Jeramy Myers, Jerry Sangrey Jr.
Feature – Z. Olson, Liscum, Tacke, Sasek, T. McCune, Hill, Falkenhagen, R. Harvie, Lapierre, D. McCune, J. Price, J. Olsen, P. Harvie, B. Price, Myers, Ray, Sangrey Jr., Myre
WISSOTA Super Stocks:
Heat #1 – Curt Popham, Gordo Oppelt, Dolan Sevalstad, Richard Azure, Mike Pistelak, Alex Wermling
Heat #2 – Pacer Popham, Casey Steffenson, Jake Tucker, John Lighthizer, Pat LaMere, Sharid Lee
Feature – P. Popham, C. Popham, Tucker, Lee, Steffenson, LaMere, Sevalstad, Lighthizer, Wermling, Pistelak, Oppelt, Azure