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#39jr Kody Harvie

09 February 2012 | Mid-West Modifieds | |

Drivers Profile:
Division: Mid-West Modified
Name: Kody Harvie
Age: 23
Hometown: Great Falls,MT
Car#: 39jr
Years In Racing: 23
Car Owner: Kody Harvie
Crew Members: Ronnie Harvie
Marty Harvie
Chuck Fleming
Mike Trochie
Mike Horn
Josh Wojohowski
Logan Tinsen

Sponsors: Peres Foodbasket
Micks Repair
Mom and Dad
Napa Auto
Family: Heather Harvie-Wife
Ronnie Harvie-Dad
Jodie Harvie-Mom
Tyler Harvie-Brother
Coltin Harvie-Brother
Job Info: United States Navy
Racing Accomplishments: 2003-Hit the tow truck
2006-3rd in points
2012-Returning to the drivers seat,maynot be full time but better then the bleachers.
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