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2014 Season Opens at Electric City Speedway

21 May 2014 | Featured News | |    

Sprint - Joe Ramaker - Friday (x)

By Vikki Higginbotham

May 16, 2014 – Great Falls, Montana – After weeks of cancellations due to bad weather Electric City Speedway hosted its season opener with the WISSOTA Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds & Super Stocks.  Also on the schedule were the ASCS Frontier Region Sprints.

Ron Mattern and KJ Hunter were the heat winners in the WISSOTA Street Stocks.  In the feature Hunter jumped to the front of the field and through a few cautions claimed his first victory of 2014. 

Running second in the order were the ASCS Frontier Region Sprints.  Thirty competitors fought in four heats for starting positions in the feature event.  Sean MacDonnell, Jerry Brey, Damon McCune and Randi Miller secured their starting positions with heat victories.  A B-Main was run to narrow the 30 car field down to 20 cars for the feature event.  David Hoiness, Bill Boyce, Ryder Olson and Steve Nelson advanced to the feature event.  Joe Perry, David Hoiness and Steve Nelson fell victim to rolls eliminating them from the feature.  Smokin’ Joe Ramaker took his red #98 to victory lane.

Kory Wermling and Jerry Sangrey Jr. were the winners of the heat races for the WISSOTA Midwest Modifieds.  After a couple cautions and a Green White Checkered finish, Paul Leach was victorious over Wermling for the feature.

Running only on Friday night the WISSOTA Super Stocks found some Rookies joining the field of 15 cars.  Paul Lease and Casey Steffenson captured the heat victories.  In the feature Steffenson was leading the field up through slower traffic and was spun on the front stretch.  After a few more cautions and some damage to a few of the cars Paul Lease was the driver who came out on top of the field claiming his first victory of the season. 

Better weather and sunshine arrived Saturday for the second night of racing at the speedway.  With the WISSOTA Super Stocks not scheduled for the evening the IMCA Modifieds took their turn at the wheel.

KJ Hunter and Troy Weninger won the heats for the WISSOTA Street Stocks.  The feature event ended in a Green White Checkered finish and Weninger grabbed his first victory of 2014.

The ASCS Sprints may have lost a couple of drivers from the previous evening but a couple arrived for Saturday’s event making a 27 car lineup for the evening.  Bill Boyce, Rick Fauver, JJ Hickle and Trever Kirkland claimed the heat victories.  Shane Ainscough, Skylar Gee, Cody Masse and Ryder Olson had to fight their way into the feature during the B-Main.  An exciting end to the feature had Joe Ramaker leading but Jeremy McCune flew by him at one point.  Ramaker reclaimed his lead, but TJ Hartman was on a mission.  Coming out of the final turn Hartman made his move around Ramaker for the victory.

Zach Olson and Jerry Sangrey Jr. were victorious in the WISSOTA Midwest Modified heat races.  After multiple cautions in the feature the event came down to Green-White-Checkered finish attempts.  After two attempts, the field finished under a caution with Paul Leach claiming his second feature win of the weekend.

Making the change from WISSOTA to IMCA the Modifieds held their first event of 2014.  Paul Leach and Gary Hill came out on top in the heat races.  Rounding out the evening the Modifieds had a few cautions and a battle set between Leach and Hill.  When the final checkered flag flew, Gary Hill became the track’s first IMCA Modified winner. 

Next week:  The WISSOTA Street Stocks, Midwest Modifieds & Super Stocks along with the IMCA Modifieds.



Friday Results:


Heat #1 – Ron Mattern, Troy Weninger, Brice Miesmer, Bill Handel, Mikey Johnson

Heat #2 – KJ Hunter, Cory Craver, Kyle Jarvey, Caleb Sorenson, Kelan Kropp, Frank Pearson

Feature – Hunter, Mattern, Weninger, Handel, Sorenson, Miesmer, Craver, Jarvey, Pearson, Johnson, Kropp


Heat #1 – Paul Lease, Mike Pistelak, John Lighthizer, Pacer Popham, Pat LaMere, Dolan Sevalstad, Clay Irwin, Matt O’Connell

Heat #2 – Casey Steffenson, Cody Ryan, Beau Brown, Joey Price, Terry Nelson, Curt Popham, Nick Hunter

Feature – Lease, Pistelak, Brown, Ryan, Sevalstad, C. Popham, Hunter, LaMere, Price, Irwin, Steffenson, Nelson, O’Connell, P. Popham, Lighthizer


Heat #1 – Kory Wermling, Kody Harvie, Jeramy Myers, Paul Leach, Ron Sasek, JD Olsen,  Zach Olson, Marvin Gonzales, John Price

Heat #2 – Jerry Sangrey Jr., Joey Tinker, Patrick Harvie, Jeremy Olds, JJ Johnson, Bob Price, Alan Riley, CJ Thom

Feature – Leach, Wermling, Olson, Sasek, Myers, Olsen, Sangrey Jr., Tinker, Johnson, B. Price, Thom, Olds, P. Harvie, K. Harvie, Gonzales, J. Price, Riley



Heat #1 – Sean MacDonnell, Joe Perry, Kelly Miller, Phil Dietz, Cliff Nelson, Leroy Brush, John Nelson, Cody Masse

Heat #2 – Jerry Brey, Paxton Lambrecht, Skylar Gee, Jeremy McCune, Shane Ainscough, Steve Nelson, Bryan Brown, Cliff Nelson Jr.

Heat #3 – Damon McCune, Rick Fauver, TJ Hartman, JJ Hickle, David Hoiness, Chauncey Filler, Mark Sweet

Heat #4 – Randi Miller, Joe Ramaker, Shad Peterson, Trever Kirkland, Ryder Olson, Bill Boyce, Roger Cummings

B-Main – Hoiness, Boyce, Olson, S. Nelson, Filler, Cummings, C. Nelson Jr., C. Nelson, Sweet, Masse, Ainscough, Brush, Brown, Nelson

Feature – Ramaker, R. Miller, Gee, K. Miller, Hartman, Brey, Lambrecht, Hickle, Dietz, J. McCune, Peterson, Fauver, MacDonnell, Olson, D. McCune, Boyce, S. Nelson, Hoiness, Perry, Kirkland

Saturday Results:


Heat #1 – KJ Hunter, Brice Miesmer, Bill Handel, Kyle Jarvey, Kelan Kropp

Heat #2 – Troy Weninger, Ron Mattern, Mikey Johnson, Taylor Falkenhagen, Frank Pearson

Feature – Weninger, Hunter, Falkenhagen, Mattern, Miesmer, Pearson, Handel, Johnson, Kropp, Jarvey


Heat #1 – Zach Olson, Kory Wermling, Paul Leach, Jeramy Myers, Jeremy Olds, Marvin Gonzales, Jacob Tacke, JJ Johnson, Patrick Harvie

Heat #2 – Jerry Sangrey Jr., Joey Tinker, John Price, Bob Price, Kody Harvie, Ron Sasek, Mike Pistelak, CJ Thom, JD Olsen

Feature – Leach, Wermling, Olson, Myers, J. Price, Tinker, P. Harvie, Sangrey Jr., Thom, Gonzales, Olds, Sasek, Johnson, Olsen, Tacke, B. Price, Pistelak, K. Harvie



Heat #1 – Paul Leach, Joey Price, Stewart Hayward, Tommy Eubank, Paul Donnelly, Patrick Wallace

Heat #2 – Gary Hill, Mark Wermling, John Price, Jody Kropp, Tommy Bush

Feature – Hill, Leach, Wermling, Wallace, Donnelly, Joey Price, Eubank, John Price, Kropp, Hayward, Bush



Heat #1 – Bill Boyce, Phil Dietz, Vernon Hill, Jerry Brey, Damon McCune, Roger Cummings, John Nelson

Heat #2 – Rick Fauver, Kelly Miller, Sean MacDonnell, Stuart Selby, Cliff Nelson, Shad Peterson, Leroy Brush

Heat #3 – JJ Hickle, Joe Ramaker, Paxton Lambrecht, Shane Ainscough, Skylar Gee, Ryder Olson, Mark Sweet

Heat #4 – Trever Kirkland, Jeremy McCune, Randi Miller, TJ Hartman, Cody Masse, Cliff Nelson Jr.

B- Main – Ainscough, Gee, Masse, Olson, Peterson, Cummings, C. Nelson, J. Nelson, Sweet, C. Nelson Jr., Brush

Feature – Hartman, Ramaker, Hickle, Kirkland, R. Miller, Gee, J. McCune, K. Miller, Dietz, Lambrecht, Boyce, Olson, Ainscough, Masse, D. McCune, Selby, Hill, Brey, Fauver, MacDonnell