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#18 Patrick Harvie

12 February 2012 | Mid-West Modifieds | |

Drivers Profile:
Division: Mid-West Modified
Name: Patrick Harvie
Age: 22
Hometown: Great Falls,M.T.
Car#: 18
Years In Racing: 8
Car Owner: Wes Harvie
Crew Members: Shaun Crouch
Aron Crouch
Bill Gamradt
Jeff Gamradt
Natalie Meismer
Robert Feller 

Sponsors: All Season Spas and Stoves
Carls Auto Care 
Combustion Service
Hubie Green Rentals
Shaun Crouch
Mom and Dad
The O.P.
Family: Wes Harvie-Father 
Natalie Meismer Gamradt-Mother
Charlie Meismer-Grandpa 
Andrew Harvie-Brother
Jeff Gamradt-Brother
Riley Gamradt-Sister
Kody Harvie-cousin
Marty Harvie-Uncle
Ronnie Harvie-Uncle
Dusty Muzzana-Cousin
Chuck and Luann Lemming-Aunt and Uncle
Bobby Harvie-Uncle
Ricky Harvie-Uncle
Roy and Bonnie Harvie-Grandma and Grampa
Job Info: Big Sky Truck Wash
Racing Accomplishments: I started racing at the age of 14 and since
then I have won many heat races and picked up my first main event win in Cut Bank M.T. at
the Hegle Memorial.Also won my first Main event in Great Falls,M.T.
at the Electric Cicty Speedway in 2009 at the Montana Roundup,Followed by
a recent Main Event in 2011.This Last season was a personal best in points
by taking third place!!I also have about 50 to 60 top five finishes!!
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